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Sweet September

I just registered for Blog Sugar.

September 25th cannot come soon enough…

I get to meet {in person!} some of my biggest blog idols…yay!

I am SO excited!

{“vintage sugar cubes” via flickr}

It’s going to be 7 hours of pure amazingness!

Who’s comin’ with?


Happy Tuesday!

A Keepsake

To celebrate my first year of blogging, my Mom had the first 12 months of Flip Flop Follies printed and bound as a Christmas gift.

She found a small, local printer, Golden Rule Bindery,¬†and I think it turned out perfect. This is just half the year! The other half is “in process”.

I wonder what my grandkids will think when they thumb through this book down the road.

A keepsake that I hope will be passed along from generation to generation.

Thanks, Mom….I love it. I appreciate all the time and effort you spent formatting and getting my stories ready for publishing.