Summer To-Do List ~ 2011

Memorial Day is a couple weeks away and that only means one thing…Summer is just around the corner.

Only 3 weeks left of school ~ yikes!

Last summer I drew up a little to-do list and we had fun completing the {tasks} and crossing them off.

Here is what I came up with for the warm, summer months this year…

1. Maiden voyage to the aquatic center

2. Game night with friends/neighbors {Taboo, Catch Phrase, Scattergories}

3. Family game nights {Candyland, Go Fish, dominoes}

4. Informal block party

5. BBQ at the pool

6. Evening bike ride to Rite-Aid for ice cream {chocolate malted crunch for me, please!}


7. Homemade lemonade w/ choice of add-in {strawberries, cherries or raspberries}


8. Rent “Soul Surfer”

9. Do a 5K by the beach

10. Friends over for pancakes in our pajamas

11. Make cake pops


12. Getty Villa


13. Order pizza delivery at the pool for dinner

14. Visit local animal shelter

15. Go to a baseball game {this one was left over from last summer}

Along with a trip to the Carolinas and summer camps, this list is pretty lofty, but we’re going to do our best to fit these little bits of fun into our June, July & August!

What are you going to be checking off your list this summer?


5 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List ~ 2011”

  1. Amy,
    Whonu is a fantastic board game that we always end up rolling on the floor when we play.
    Summer is sneaking up – your list looks great!


  2. What a great list! You totally have me in the mood for summer now…and I’m currently listening to an awesome spring thunderstorm out the windows…

    We will be busy I know. I’m teaching preschoolers at vacation bible school for a week in June, and I know we’ve planned some time to go hiking, exploring, museuming in Pittsburgh, and of course a trip to the zoo. Some friends of ours live a few miles away in a lake community and we’ve been invited to spend Friday summer night movies at the lake with them. They also have a boat, firepit, etc… Should be fun!


  3. OMG those cake pops look amazing! I’ve been wanting to attempt cake pops, so may have to do it for July 4th. Be careful about going to the animal shelter. You may end up leaving with a dog or two (or dropping one off ;).

  4. Those cake pops look amazing! I’ve been wanting to attempt those, so may need to do it for July 4th. So cute! Be careful about going to the animal shelter. You may end up bringing one or two dogs home (or dropping one off 😉

  5. Ha Ha, Leah! You know me too well! 😉 I think you can go there and walk the dogs for them….I thought that would introduce the kiddos to volunteering. NO MORE POOCHES FOR US! 😉 I already have one more than I care to handle…I have not made cake pops yet, either. It has been on my list for a long time. I loved the July 4th ones! Let’s see who makes them first! XOXO

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