Stop What You’re Doing

…and make this.

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Delicious with ginger snaps, sliced grannies and cinnamon graham sticks {these are Ralphs brand} but would equally yummy with orange segments or Nilla wafers!

It makes A LOT so it’s great for a big crowd…we had some leftover from a dinner last night and I made up a little {dessert for two} plate to finish off the weekend.

Whatever you do, don’t situate it next to the crudite platter…someone mistook it for hummus and plunged their celery stick into it. No bueno.

You simply must make this…I used neufchâtel {light} cream cheese and reduced fat sour cream to make it a little guilt-free and you could not tell.

So, so yum.


Get a good night’s sleep ~ tomorrow is a BIG day!

Nighty night.

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