Snail’s Pace

Cue Alice Cooper…

School’s out for the summer, folks.

Holden had his last day of {instruction} yesterday and sang sweetly in the end-of-the-year performance last night.

Just like that.

His first year of preschool is over.


We went from this:

To this:

All that in 10 months which translates to about 5 weeks these days. A good way to judge the passing of time when you have kids is by the school year and let me tell you, the school years go by WAY TOO FLIPPIN’ fast.

It’s Summer! Weren’t we just picking apples, carving pumpkins, stuffing stockings and frolicking in the snow?

I do LOVE me some October 1st through December 25th more than anything, but this is ridiculous. I may adore the last quarter of the year, but I cherish the days of my {little} ones even more.

They must slow down.

Here’s to a S-L-O-W, relaxing, snail’s pace of a summer.

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