100% of our out-of-town guests have arrived.

90% of our gift shopping has been achieved.

25% of the food shopping for the next 3 days has been completed.

Absolutely 0% of the 90% of the gifts have been wrapped.

That leaves lots of stuff to do today!

Factor in a haircut for Elliott, 4pm mass and 11 guests for lasagna dinner tonight.

Jay will get the turkey in the brine and help Santa by picking up a surprise for under the tree…

Coffee is brewing.

Lots of it.


Night One was a success with Ameci’s pizza and Sonoma Salad : Chardonnay and Blue Moons : A plate of Italian Wedding Cookies, macaroons, jam thumbprint cookies and saltine toffee.

And Toy Story 3.

{Elliott & Holden enjoying the movie with Grunc, their Great Uncle}


Spending the holidays with family……


Merry Day Before Christmas!