One A Month ~ 2012 In Review

Happy New Year!

Twenty-twelve was unique and held many new and wonderful moments, however, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in Twenty-thirteen.

As in the past couple few years, I challenged myself to come up with 12 photos, one per month, that represent just a dozen moments in the past year and again, it wasn’t easy ~ there were so many.


{January morning in Redondo}


{Big Top Birthday for this 5-year old}


{Reading award for this 1st grader in the month of March}


{Little prayers at Easter Mass}


{Birthday sleepover to celebrate our mermaid who turned 7}


{Celebrating Popsi’s 80th at the Happiest Place on Earth in June}


{Meeting new friends in HOT July}


{Two full time scholars in August}


{Legoland with Nor Cal cousins over Labor Day Weekend}


{Annual Yosemite trip over Fall Break}


{This long haired boy and the start of the season in November}


{A small, comfy, cozy & perfect Christmas!}


It always saddens me when we box up the ornaments and vacuum up the pine needles, but when I look back on this year and recall all these moments in time, I realize that life is going by all too quick. In what seems like a matter of a few months, we’ll be digging the Christmas boxes out of the garage again. As much as I love the holiday season, I need to remember that there are eleven other months out there that we can make just as beautiful.

Again, thank you for following along here this past year….my hope is that in 2013 this little blog will share lots of new ideas, thoughts, recipes and ideas.

As you visit this space in this new year, please know that I appreciate you!

Let’s do this…..


P.S. I’ve included links to 2010 & 2011 month-by-month posts, too!

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