Grocery List

{Frozen Espresso from The Sugar Factory in Vegas}

Filling up on caffeine this morning and tackling my mile long grocery list.


Trader Joe’s.


Here I come.

On the menu for the next few days…

Tonight’s dinner ~ crock pot BBQ pork sliders, roasted asparagus & sweet potato crinkle fries {Ralphs brand}

Saturday breakfast ~ Peanut Butter, banana & honey smoothies

Saturday lunch ~ High Tea with finger sandwiches and a selection of holiday teas

Saturday dinner ~ Ameci’s pizza and Sonoma Salad

Christmas Day breakfast ~ Toasted Pannetone, Breakfast Casserole, Mimosas and lots of coffee!

Christmas Day lunch ~ Graze until din din

Christmas Din Din ~ Turkey on the Weber grill, roasted butternut squash, maple glazed carrots, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing and Ina’s mashed potatoes

Dessert ~ Sweet Potato Pie

Monday breakfast ~ Pumpkin steel cut oats and fresh fruit

Monday lunch ~ this is where we go OUT to eat!


Looking forward to pots clanking around in the kitchen and smells wafting throughout the house.

Nobody better tell me they’re hungry! 😉

What’s on your holiday menu?

2 thoughts on “Grocery List”

  1. Your menu looks amazing! Good luck with all your shopping. Better today than tomorrow. We’re actually eating at my parents’ house tonight, out with my MIL tomorrow, and then I always make my penne and Havarti on Christmas.

  2. I wish I saw this prior to going to the store today with no list. It sounds amazing. I went to two grocery stores today and have nothing planned for dinner. Oops. Looks like pizza tonight!

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