Happy Birthday, sweet Holden Oliver Aspiras!

Here you are in your little bouncer almost 4 years ago…

now you’re bouncing off the walls and keeping Mama & Dada busy!

You are the friendliest little guy and will join any group of boys at a park {or Chick-fil-A play area!} and will easily fit in.

You love applesauce and ham currently.

You’re getting better about getting dressed every day, but if it were up to you, you’d wear your pajamas 24/7.

You bring home the sweetest and most heartfelt artwork.

You possess some serious dance moves and know the words to Taio Cruz’s {Dynamite} and you love “Sha” {Usher}!

I love the way you literally crack yourself up…you love to laugh and smile and show off those darling dimples.

You and {sissy} play so well together and I love all your secret codes and games that you share.

You can recite {Despicable Me} almost word for word.

I love the way you say “Wait to me!” instead of “Wait for me!”

But most of all YOU make Dada and me SO proud.

Happy, happy day little one!

We love you, Bubba!

Now let’s CELEBRATE!


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  1. Beautifully written, Amy. Holden and Elliott are blessed to have a mommy and daddy like you and Jay. Much love to Holden on his fourth!

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