Extraordinarily Ordinary

Just an ordinary ‘ol weekend around here…

Friday evening dance class

Dinner at Islands for some fish tacos & a veggie burger


Early Saturday morning run/walk

Trip to Trader Joe’s

Barbie Birthday Party


Holdy got a haircut from Daddy


This morning we went and signed this one up for t-ball…

The deal of the century ~ $60 gets you a hat, t-shirt, shorts, socks, team picture & trophy! Looking forward to Saturday morning games, fly balls and base running. Spring training coming soon…

Then I drug the family to the mall to pick up some flip flop bling at Claire’s. Note to self: go to Claire’s without dragging the family along.

After Claire’s we headed to Wendy’s drive-thru {love their chili…oh, and the frosties!} and headed to the park for lunch and some sun.

Whipped up these flops for Elliott’s teacher who’s celebrating a birthday tomorrow:

I love the way they turned out…so Springy!

We finally got new batteries for the Leap Frog Tag pen…reading Toy Story 3:

Nothing too exciting, but it was a nice {family} weekend despite the loss of an hour!

Enjoying the extra light this evening and grilling some TJ’s carne asada, onions and peppers…

Hope your weekend was {simply} extraordinary, too!



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  1. Love Holdie’s haircut and pose! When do the games start??? How exciting. What a super weekend you all had! Flip flops for Mrs. Howard are outstanding!

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