Big Red Heart

This little polka dotted goofball has exactly 4 more school hours until she becomes a first grader.

Here she is on her first day of kindergarten…

10 months has never gone by so fast.

I am so thrilled with her progress thus far and looking forward to what the next school year holds.

This afternoon as I was {attempting} some fun treats for the office staff and yard duty, I had her sit down and write a thank you note to her teacher, Mrs. H. She went and picked out a special blank card and wrote the following:

“I love you. I loved all the things that you did! You are wudfl {wonderful}! Love Elliott

{the [Love Elliott] was in bubble letters}

She drew a picture of Mrs. H {blond hair} and her {black hair} with a big red heart between the two of them and a smiley sunshine in a blue sky. The two of them standing on some lime green grass.

On the front of the envelope she wrote, not “To Mrs. H”, but instead:

“I will mis you in first grade!”

I died.

I {big red heart} that she is leaving Kinder with these words on her teacher’s thank you note.

Tomorrow will be bittersweet.

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