Beat The Runner

We wanted to cheer Jay on along the way this morning.

Fortunately we caught him at two locations before the finish line, but it wasn’t easy.

I forgot the stroller to I had to hustle with Holden on one arm, the camera on the other AND our banner!

But we made it and loved seeing Jay looking so strong at the 8.5-9 mile mark…

From here, we raced back to the car and sped down to the 12 mile mark and waited there.

Elliott & Emilie helped distribute water to the runners:

This sweet couple held the sign so I could take pictures:

Jay was behind a few people and I couldn’t get a good shot.

From here we RACED to the car and made it to the finish line just in time to see him cross. Again, couldn’t get a good pic.

But he finished and did great ~ just shy of 2:35.

His first half marathon under his belt.

Scott celebrated his birthday by running 13.1…

{Happy Birthday, Scott!}

{Notice Holden’s banana phone}


We’re SO proud of you, Babe!

I’m next…4 weeks from today.


Just add an hour onto his time and that is what I’m shooing for! As long as I’m not the LAST one across the finish line I’ll be happy.

Better get running…literally.


Hope you had a marathon of a weekend!

2 thoughts on “Beat The Runner”

  1. Hey, Jay!

    So proud of you! You don’t even look sweaty or winded! Congratulations on a great time and big milestone in your life! I am sorry I couldn’t be there today!

    See you all in Las Vegas!

    Love, Mom

  2. Congrats to Jay!! I am so impressed with your active family. Now I just need to get moving.
    – Jenny

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