Admit One

We rarely go to the movies.

I always tend to fall asleep, so $14 {or whatever the going rate at the local box office is these days} is a lot to pay for me to doze off.

I think the last movie we saw was TS3 over 4th of July weekend!

However, last night I saw the previews for Blue Valentine.


I SOOOO want to see this. However, I think my Valentine will have zero interest, but since it’s a Sundance film, maybe he’ll want to join me.

If not, I will be going to see this at the theaters.

Holla at me if you’d like to come along….

3 thoughts on “Admit One”

  1. I’ll come up to babysit so you and Jay can go. If not….I’ll go with you, but maybe it is not a movie you want to see with your mother!

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