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Back To Reality

Whew! Feels like almost a week since I’ve blogged…wait…it has been almost a week – and it was a busy one!

Vegas was great.

What is is about Vegas? It’s like you enter a time warp once you’re under the bright lights of Sin City. One day in Vegas = 3 days in regular life. The hours just sort of all blend together and you never really know what time it is. When you return home, it feels like you’ve been gone 3X as long! Vegas’ll do that to you.

We had a FABULOUS time, though! Jay celebrated his 40th in true Vegas fashion ~ no holds barred!

One of the highlights (for me anyway) was a trip to Serendipity 3…I’ve heard great things about this fun, whimsical place, but had NO idea that Vegas had been blessed with one! Thank you NYC for sharing!

The moment I walked through the door, I was in love. Right up my alley. So colorful and happy!

Their signature is the Frozen Hot Chocolate. I don’t care how cold it is outside, I will always be able to welcome one of these into my life! It is ridiculous. It is a big bowl of chocolatey goodness topped off with a pound of whipped cream, chocolate shavings and several HUGE straws! So fun!

Here is a pic of the monstrosity! I highly recommend this place for a meal or a frozen hot chocolate for dessert!


I am thinking that, for the holidays, they should add some pepperminty-ness to it! Maybe substitute the chocolate shavings with some crushed candy canes? OH YEAH!!!!

Daddy-Daughter Fun

Last night Jay & Elliott had a Daddy-Daughter outing.

They went to the Clippers game. They had hot dogs. They had Kettle Corn.

Even though it was a “school night” and they got home close to 11:00, I wouldn’t have taken this away from them for the world.

Of course, I called during the game. I could hear the crowd in the background and the pure joy in Elliott’s voice.

She was so excited to bring home her leftover Kettle Corn and tell me that her favorite part of the night were the cheerleaders.

And how cute is this pic of her in her seat with her new scarf? School night or not………


One-piece Christmas

This year we’re having a “One-piece Christmas”. Everything the kids get will be ONE PIECE! No puzzles, Polly Pockets, Lego sets, etc. I need a break from my other FT job of picking up, organizing and finding a home for all the small pieces that get scattered about the house each day! Sorry kids. Call me “Mean Mama”, but until I figure out a system that works, I need a break! Just keepin’ it real….

The holidays are here, folks! Santa is already meeting with kids from his Winter Wonderland at the mall. Snowflakes are greeting us on the Target front doors. As I try to do every year, I am going to enjoy every minute of the holiday season. This is my absolute favorite time of year ~ Thanksgiving through New Year’s.

Our Christmas will be simple ~ just a few nice things for the kids and that’s it. I am hoping that they will grow up learning that Christmas is more about giving rather than receiving. Sharing traditions with friends and family. Spreading cheer to those in need.

Santa is bringing Elliott a pink, acoustic guitar and Holden is getting some Transformers. Now I can handle that!

Here’s hoping that you make it through the 2009 Holidays in “One-piece”!

Bar Hopping to Park Hopping

In my 20s I went bar hopping, and now in my 30s, I go park hopping. Cocktails have been replaced by sippy cups and juice boxes, dancing has been replaced by ring around the rosie and duck duck goose, 2am burritos have been replaced by pb&j’s and apple slices and the dress code has gone from nice jeans, a cute top and some fun shoes to yoga pants, a wife beater (aka ribbed tank) and Havaianas.

Thank goodness there are about 9 parks here in the SCV that we currently have on rotation. I would go insane if we had to frequent the SAME park every time. And thank goodness I have my wonderful set of mommies that help pass the time at the park with chit chat and laughs.

I am grateful for park time, though, because it gives us a free place to run, jump, climb, play in the sand, explore and picnic. Soon enough our park days will be replaced with school and homework and that just means one thing…my babies will be growing up! So, I will cherish these mornings and afternoons and as I’m sitting out on the grass soaking up the sun or pushing the kids on the swings, I will remember the fun nights in Pacific Beach or downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp ~ and I will smile.

Conversations from the Car

Some very interesting verbal exchanges take place in the car these days:

Elliott: “What street are we on?”
Me: “Newhall Ranch Road”
E: “Oh, Newhall Ranch Road…(pauses) There are TWO Ranches. One that is a dip that is white and one that is a road!”
Me: “Ummmmm, yes, this is true!”

These are the things that 4-year olds come up with which are so simple, innocent and true! Gotta love it!

Meanwhile Holden is yelling, “Fire truck, Big truck, Trash truck, Policeman, School bus!” That kid is all about things with wheels ~ don’t know a 2-year old boy that isn’t, though!

Behind the Name

Lately I have become a total Blog Stalker ~ jumping from one blog to another, clicking on links taking me to blogs of complete strangers clear across the country. You get sucked in, like a good book and you can’t stop reading. I enjoy the party planning blogs, wedding blogs, cooking blogs, etc. I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile, but couldn’t think of a fun name.

It seems that my foot covering of choice these days is flip flops. I HEART them! Growing up in San Diego, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. But, since I was pregnant with my daughter in ’04, I have never been more attached to my flops! I had a brown pair and a black pair and I wore them to work EVERYDAY. Comfort while you’re pregnant is key. And I’ve learned that comfort with a 4-year old and a 2-year old is still first priority! I could wear flops daily, but that means you have to always have the toes polished and looking nice which means you have to go get a pedi regularly, and well, that is a rarity around these parts. I know I should treat myself more often, but it just doesn’t happen. There is always something more important to do. So, I have also become a big fan of ballet flats, which I adore, but my true love is with the flops! Earlier this year I discovered Havaianas and it was an instant love affair. So there…that is the “Flip Flop”part.

As a parent, I have discovered that life is one big LAUGH and it is all about how you handle it that gets you through. It’s almost like some days are a joke, like Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out and “Punk” me all of a sudden. Life with 2 kiddos under 5 is like this definition below:

folly (fäl′ē)
noun pl. follies -·lies
a lack of understanding, sense, or rational conduct; foolishness
any foolish action or belief
any foolish and useless but expensive undertaking

Sometimes (OK, maybe daily) I feel like my life is a folly. But at the end of the day when the kids are fed, bathed and tucked in bed and I’ve had a chance to get some quality time with the elliptical, showered and watched a DVR’d show before bed, THAT is when I can let everything go that has occurred that day, take a deep breath and prepare to welcome what the next day has to offer.

I am hoping that Flip Flop Follies will enable me share this roller coaster ride called “Parenting” and help me realize that I am not alone on this ride! It’ll also be filled with my favorite tried and true recipes, bargain hunts and just complete randomness!

I’m so excited to be entering the blogosphere and I hope you enjoy coming along with me! Don’t forget, comfort always comes first so, please, wear your flip flops! 😉

Steal of the Week


OK, so you may be wondering with a name like “Flip Flop Follies” what is a cute pair of peep-toe heels doing as my first shoe pic? Well, there is a very good reason for that…I wore these to Jay’s & my 5th anniversary dinner last weekend. But, almost better than our anniversary, is what I paid for these cuties. Are you ready for this? $6.52 (that includes 9.75% tax!). Are you kidding me? Genuine Leather, not “pleather”. I love that Kohl’s has designers like Vera Wang helping to make fashion more affordable. But seriously, these were regularly $69.99 (which I would never in a gazillion years pay at Kohl’s – not to mention that Kohl’s would ever actually sell them at this price either. They totally overprice stuff and then immediately throw up a 30% sale sign the minute the new merchandise hits the floor!) Anywhoo, I was looking for some sparkly shoes for Elliott’s Halloween costume and when I didn’t have any luck in the kid’s shoes, I wandered to the “big girls” shoes and stumbled across these that were marked 90% off and were $6.99. Well, thank goodness I am a size 10 and needed a nice pair of black shoes for Jay’s holiday party. I took them to the checkout and as if $6.99 wasn’t low enough, the nice woman at the register gave me an additional 15% off for “friends and family”. LOVE her!! Now, comes the hard part…I have to retrain my feet to walk in these things. My tootsies have become extremely fond of flip flops, ballet flats and New Balance over the past, oh, 5 years. I hope that wearing heels after 5 years is like riding a bike. I will let you know on Sunday, December 13th after I have worn them all night the night before! Maybe I should hide a pair of flip flops in my clutch just in case!