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Makin’ A {Pinterest} List

The last 10 weekends of the year are already filled on our little calendar…I am already beginning to panic and wonder when I am going to fit in Christmas shopping, homemade gifts, sweet treats and wrapping.

I’ve picked up several little goodies for Christmas gifts here and there and have made a list of tasty little morsels that I want to deliver to the special people in our lives. I figure you can never start too early…..if I know myself, I know that I will wait until it’s too late and stress about it. So with that said, I am planning ahead this year, getting things done so that when December 1st rolls around all I need to think about is picking out our tree, decorating the house, Jay’s birthday, visiting Santa, touring the lights, holiday parties, dance recitals, gift wrapping party, baking and cooking for the family and enjoying the dazzle of the holidays.

{obviously the food items will be made closer to Christmas, but at least I can shop for some supplies now}

For the neighbors:

Yellow Pepper Relish jarred in quilted Mason jars with a little tag that reads something like, “Relish in the magic of the holidays ~ spread this on your favorite sandwich or burger and enjoy!”

For the doc’s office, hairdresser, dog sitter, school office staffs, etc.:


Gift tag: “Naughty & Nice pretzel bites ~ a little salty, a little sweet! Merry Christmas from The Aspiras Family”

For Elliott’s classmates:


Gift tag: “Here are some “bookworms” to enjoy during your holiday reading! See you in 2012!”

For Holden’s classmates:

{his preschool is totally ANTI sugar so I thought these would be perfect}


Gift tag: “Have a COLORFUL holiday! See you in 2012!”

{I have already experimented with making the crayons…when Popsi was here visiting in September, he and the kids unwrapped all our old, broken crayons. I picked up a dozen silicone cupcake liners {square & triangle shaped} and did a trial run the other night ~ 200* oven for about 20 minutes. When the crayons are all melted, turn off the oven AND LEAVE THEM IN THERE TO START TO COOL. If you attempt to remove when they are still too liquid, you will mess them up! Take them out after about 30 minutes and set on your counter for another hour or so…then they will be ready to pop out of the liners. This was such an easy process…going to pick up some brand new crayons and make another batch so each of his classmates gets 3 or 4 crayons. Will post a pic in about 2 months {ha!} before we go and deliver them. Here is the tutorial that I followed}

I see LOTS of little clear cello bags, ribbon and gift tags in my future, but I am excited to put my Pinterest finds to work instead of them just looking pretty on my virtual boards!


What are you eyeing for your holiday goodies this year?

If you need an invitation to Pinterest for some inspiration, I can certainly help you with that ~ just say the word {insert evil laugh here}. However, I cannot be held responsible for all the time you will waste spend browsing and pinning.

Happy Humpday!

Thursday This & That

I think I’ve finally figured out what color I want to paint this:


I plan on sanding and painting my little heart out this weekend.


We went to the new cupcake shoppe in town this afternoon, Velvet Cupcakes.

I saved mine and am going to enjoy it in peace and quiet this evening after the kiddos are fast asleep.

I got my old faithful, Vanilla…


Elliott decided to help promote my fundraising efforts.

She made this sign for the front door…

Her words:

“I’m gonna tape this on the door so people can come and see your lamp and buy your roses and you can be a little rich!”

Oh the precious things that come out of their mouths…

{she’s referring to this lamp}


I made TJ’s Thai red curry for dinner this evening.

I just sauteéd some onions, carrots, red & orange peppers, a little potato and some diced chicken tenderloins and then added the sauce and simmered for about 20 minutes. I threw in some frozen peas the last few minutes and served with a mix of basmati & brown rice.

It was fairly authentic and pretty spicy, but I am a curry girl through and through and love a true Thai curry dish every so often. This is a good, quick week night meal that will semi-curb your cravings. We usually get the yellow curry, but I think I like this a bit better since it brings some heat!


Happy Veteran’s Day!

Thank you and God Bless all who have served and are currently serving our country.