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Happy Souls & Itchy Toes

We try to make a trip to Yosemite once a year. My uncle lives in the park so we have a good excuse.

This summer was busy with summer camps and our trip to the Carolinas so we pushed our Yosemite trip back to Fall Break which was perfect since the weather was cooler and I {think} there was a little lower mosquito population.

We always stop off at Sonic in Bako on the way up…

Typically all meals are eaten out on the deck at Camp Duke…

{I almost stole this piece of oilcloth}

{sneaking on the computer!}

{in the neighbor’s hammock}

{a pre-birthday celebration}

{pancakes on the deck}


{under the swinging bridge}

{here come my uncle and jill}

{these two four-legged family members caused a ruckus…they sniffed out a cheesecake on a dresser in one of the bedrooms and ATE THE WHOLE THING. I’m certain that the long one with the short legs instigated the whole thing. Afterall, his name is Rascal. Again, so sorry Jill ;-( }

{we thought the water was going to be too cold so we didn’t wear our bathing suits}

{heading back over the bridge and through the woods}

{another hearty breakfast of steel cut oats, yogurt and fresh fruit}

{mariposa grove and the giant sequoias}

{a quick dip in the pool at the wawona hotel}

{playing with his new choo choo}

{woodsy creation}

{makin’ s’mores}

{full moon}


We love our trips up the 5 to the 99 to the 41 into beautiful Yosemite. Gathering groceries at Raley’s in the little town of Oakhurst to contribute to scrumptious camp feasts. My uncle is a seasoned grill master and Jill has a handle on all the wonderful side dishes. Sipping wine out on the deck never gets old. Kicking up dust out on trails to swinging bridges and GIANT trees. Watching the kids frolic in the creek brings back childhood memories.

The children are gathering beautiful mountain memories and filing them away only to be added to next year…and the year after…God willing.

We’re so grateful for these trips north to one of nature’s most scenic destinations.

THANK YOU Unc and Jill for first-class service every time.

We always come home with happy, nourished souls and this time itchy toes.

That’s what you get when you wear {flip flops} in the mountains.

Darn ‘squitoes.

Totally worth it, though!

Hello, October!

Just returned from S’mores Territory.

Three days filled with toasted marshmallows, Hershey’s, graham crackers and SO much more.


It was so so great to get away for a few days, but it’s good to be back.

I’ve missed you all…

We’re on Fall Break over here so I’ll have a sweet treat and hopefully some Fall/Halloween decor to share with you this week!

The weather is FINALLY cooperating.



Going On A Bear Hunt

We’ll be one with NATURE for the next few days.

Squirrels. Pine cones. Bubbling creeks. Meadows. Worn paths. Slippery rocks. Swimming holes. Skipping stones. Barn dance. Campfires. S’mores. Dandelions. Deer. Acorns. Mountain breezes. Starry skies.

{Cute sign…Google Images, of course!}