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Girls Only

Lately I’ve been realizing that I never have one-on-one time with my Elliott.

Holdy and I share Tuesday & Thursday mornings running errands together and his secret “cheeseburger time” once a week while “Sissy” is at school.

We needed a little Mama/Daughter bonding time.

After her favorite dinner of lettuce wraps, we went to Party City and she picked out plates and napkins for her school friends. We’re taking mini bagels and cream cheese next week for snack to celebrate her birthday.

She vacillated between Spongebob, polka dots, cheetah and zebra print, Tiana (Princess & The Frog) and finally settled on her all time fave princess, Ariel.

Next stop…Golden Spoon!

She was SO excited that she got her OWN yogurt AND got to choose a topping!

Chocolate & Peanut Butter with chocolate chips:

In 7th heaven:

I chose Coconut & Toffee Heath Bar:

We sat and talked about her upcoming graduation, dance recital and plans for the Summer. She said she still doesn’t need swimming lessons because she remembers EVERYTHING from “last time”…..m’kay, we’ll revisit that later.

She threw 2 pennies in the fountain and made as many wishes…

And as if all that wasn’t enough, we skipped down to Target and browsed around there, too!

She even talked me into some sour candies at the checkout ~ “It’s for our date, Mommy.”

We really need to do that more often.

Maybe next time a pre-Kindergarten pedi.

Yes, that’s what we’ll do.

I love you my almost 5-year old. Where did that half decade go?

Pizzazz In The Bedroom

I made a little purchase awhile ago and am getting ready to reveal it…

I’m a little nervous because I don’t know if Jay will be on board…it’s bright!

BUT, I fell in love not only with the merchandise, but the little reddish-orange sticker that was affixed to it.

(That’s $79.99 marked down to $19.98!!!)

I thought it was perfect for Spring.

A mini makeover for our bedroom.

Coming soon!

Wear-it Wednesday

I am loving all these designers that are teaming up with TargĂ©…geez, now it’s Jean Paul Gaultier.

About 2 years ago I got these Loeffler Randall gold ballet flats and I can’t remember life without them.

They’ve gotten soaked in the rain, the dog has chewed one of them…but I can’t part with them just yet.

I adore the neutral metallic color and the sweet rosettes. You can dress them up ~ or down. Love, love, love them! Metallic shoes are the perfect pick-me-up to any outfit and let you feel like you have a little “bling” to help carry you through your day. I am still kicking myself because I passed up a pair of dirt cheap peep toe flats in bronze around the holidays. I know they would’ve gotten just as much love as the goldies above.

I also ordered this Felix Rey canvas tote from Target on-line (thanks to this cute blog: louiselovesit.com) that I have been keeping under wraps until Spring (10 days!). I think it’ll be the perfect piece to spruce up any yoga pants and wife beater ensemble. It will also go nicely with these!

Now, off to search for some silver Havaianas for Summer.

Oh, and if Michael Kors ever collaborates with the red bulls eye, I will be ALL OVER that stuff!

Pantalones Rojos

I wore my red pants today.

Hadn’t worn them in awhile.

I’ve had these funny pants for YEARS, courtesy of Target. Knowing me I probably paid less than $10 for them. I LOVE these pants, but I still haven’t figured out if they’re obnoxious or not. Who wears RED pants?

I guess I do.

I think what I love so much about them is the classic, simple style and not so much the fact that they’re RED! I would’ve bought them in every color, though, had there been more….

I’ve “tried” to donate them to Goodwill several times and I just can’t do it. I think another reason that I want to hang onto them is that they didn’t fit me for years and now they’re looser than before.

I really have not seen ANYONE else sporting such an article of clothing so I am aware that red pants may not be the norm…..red shirts, yes…pants, no.

People may look at me and laugh, but I’m going to hang onto my red pants.

I love you my little pantalones rojos. I can’t bear to part with you just yet. However, my fondness may be short lived, not because of your color, but because I hope that soon you will not fit me (and by “not fit me”, I mean be too big, not too small! Been there, done that.)

Until then, I will wear you with pride!

Blue Suede Shoes

75% of my Target purchases come with that little reddish-orange clearance tag…the only things I WILL pay full price for are toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning products, food items, etc. ~ you know…the necessities.

I WON’T spend full price on clothing, handbags, home decor, shoes, etc. Why pay full price when you can get it for 50-75% off a month or so down the road?

These are my latest find:

$4.98 for suede upper and a nice comfy rubber sole?

I’ll take ’em!

Feeling a little like Elvis today…

Hammer Time!

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of photo gallery in our stairwell. Something to “cover up” the white walls…..they’re killin’ me! I don’t like white walls, but since we’re renting, there really isn’t much I can do….I guess I could get the OK to paint from the property management peeps, but since I also don’t love to paint, I will just live with the white walls while we’re here and try to spice them up a little. I haven’t wanted to hang too much, but since I don’t know how long we’ll be here, I wanted to make the place as homey as possible.

So, I was at my second home last week (hint: red bulls eye) and came across a set of 10 black frames in differing sizes for $6.24! (marked down from $24.99!!) They even included some layout suggestions on the box. The frames are lightweight which is great so I was able to use tiny nails and didn’t have to drive big nails into the wall. Yesterday I grabbed a hammer, some nails and a measuring tape and went to town.

But the frames themselves were a little TOO simple ~ I needed something else to liven them up a bit…

At Michael’s I found some black letters with little hooks on the back for $1.00 each. I had a coupon for 20% off so they came to 80 cents each! So, for an add’l $3.20, I was able to complete my gallery and be pretty pleased. For a total of $9.44 (not including tax or the cost of the photos) I created this:

I’m pretty impressed.

Now, I am SUPER DUPER anal about picture hanging. Must. Use. Level. It was hard for me to kind of “eyeball” this project. What I did was get a large piece of paper from Elliott’s easel, layout the frames in the order I wanted them, traced the frames, hung the paper on the wall with tape, hammered the nails into the wall through the paper and then removed the paper before hanging the pics. This worked pretty well.

I am constantly going to be on the lookout for crooked frames here since that is another one of my pet peeves! But all in all, I think it turned out OK for a temporary fix! Now I just need to find four more of my favorite pics to complete the gallery…shouldn’t be too hard.

First “crafty” project of the year….cheap & successful. Can’t beat that!