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Pink Oats

Happy Tuesday!

Popping in to tell you about a new concoction I threw together yesterday morning that I am hooked on…

Raspberry Steel Cut OatsĀ 

Raspberries were super cheap at Ralphs this week so I grabbed a few containers.

I like to make 2 or 3 servings of oats and then have them ready for a couple mornings during the week since they do take 7-10 minutes on the stove ~ but SO worth it! We get them at Sprouts in the bulk bins for next-to-nothing or Trader Joe’s has their own brand now.

For these, I added one container of raspberries to 2 servings about 5-7 minutes after they started cooking. The berries break down and color the oats pink. When done cooking, place a serving in a bowl along with just a little almond milk {or other choice}, some sliced almonds, a dusting of coconut {toasted would be out of this world!} and a sprinkle of white chocolate chips.

Not an everyday type breakfast, but certainly a nice summer treat here and there!