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Sailing Along


Where has this year gone?

I was just marking some things on the calendar and realized that we have all sorts of good stuff already lined up for the rest of 2011.

T-ball starting tomorrow. Easter. Birthday parties. Baby showers. End-of-the-school-year celebrations. Dance recital. Summer camps. A trip east to Myrtle Beach. Yosemite. Back-to-school. Blog Sugar. Fall goodness. And then the holidays all over again.

As ┬ámuch as I love having lots of things on the calendar, I love to be home almost as much. I really do love my Mondays & Wednesdays around the house getting caught up so that we can have fun on the weekends. Laundry, cleaning, organizing, sitting out in the patio having breakfast and lunch with Holden. I am happier when the house is in order and I am caught up on the laundry ~ yes, I am that mom. I know that chores and cleaning can wait ’til tomorrow, but I just cannot let our little nest get too out of control. That is when I get irritable and all around unhappy.

It’s daily that I try to find the balance between {having fun} and {taking care of business}.

A busy calendar vs. productive days at home.

I am content with both, but one cannot take place without the other.