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Red Blanket

My little one is back to being wrapped up in the soft, red blanket.

With a Rascal on the side.

She went to school yesterday, but came down with another fever last night. Plus, she is still complaining of her neck hurting for the 5th day in a row now.

We need to get to the bottom of it….hate not seeing her usual spunky self.

Looks like more lollipops and stickers are in her future.

And possibly some of that {bubblegum} pink medicine?

Hoping whatever is it skedaddles SOON.

{D} Day

My Wednesday started off taking this little guy to Elliott’s classroom:

{This pic is from several Christmases ago, but he wore the same collar today}

It’s share day and this week’s letter is “D”.

Dog. Dachshund.

She wanted to share Rascal SOOOO bad so last week I sent her teacher an e-mail to see if this would be OK {afterall, one of her little classmates shared a snake for “S’ week!}

{Rassy sitting with Elliott earlier this year when she was under the weather}

I hadn’t heard anything back until yesterday when I got the OK to share Rascal first thing this morning.


It’s the LAST thing I wanted to do.

But, Elliott was so excited. How could I say, “no”?

I had to wake Holden from a deep sleep and drag him in his buggie jammies to E’s class. I’m sure I was a sight carrying a wiener dog in a Santa collar with a pajama’d 3-year old in tow.

However, Rascal was a gentleman and behaved beautifully. He let all 25 kids pet him and got lots of sniffs and kisses in.

Elliott demonstrated how Rascal sits and waits for a treat and answered a couple classmate’s questions and Pajama Boy, Rassy and I were off!

Oh, and I had to bribe Holden to get him out the door ~ so it was off to the {d}onut shop we went!


How did YOUR Wednesday start out?

Fancy Rassy

We love the Fancy Nancy series in our house!

If you have a little girl(s) and haven’t discovered these darling books yet, check them out!

You can view the fanciness here.

Auntie Bucky sent the Fancy Nancy Christmas book last year which made a cute addition to our more traditional holiday reads. We also have Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy…which Elliott calls “The Polish Puppy”! But, I think my favorite so far is the original F.N. story.

Looks like we have a “polish puppy” of our own….

I hope you have a fanciful, fashionable, feathery and fUlL oF fUn FrIdAy!

Little Rascal

I LOVE dachshunds. I grew up with them and always wanted one when I was an adult (I don’t know….am I an “adult” now?) and had a house of my own. In college, I had a picture of one on the ‘fridge. I knew I wanted to name him/her “Rascal”. Well, in September of ’03 after Jay and I had bought our first place, we innocently stumbled into the pet store at the Irvine Spectrum (I know, shame on us for getting our dogs at a pet store) and walked out with not one, but TWO puppies! Rascal (AKA “Rassy”) is now 6 and has been the best dog. He survived Parvo as a pup, had surgery to repair a tear on his ear, has had 2 allergic reactions to his rabies vaccines, but most importantly, he has been a great dog with the kids! I actually thought that after the kids were born that Rassy would take the back seat so to speak, but I’ve always had time for my little Rascal. We snuggle and watch DVR’d shows together (well, I watch and he snoozes!)

Rassy is receiving an early Christmas gift this year….a Pedi Paws nail trimmer. He does NOT like getting his nails clipped and I have tried to do it at home with traditional clippers. Unsuccessful. He was also “kicked out” of a place in San Diego because they just couldn’t do their job. He’s not vicious and doesn’t bite, he just won’t hold still ~ not even for all the treats in the world. Well, it’s been a long while since he’s had a good nail trim so I am going to try this new Pedi Paws contraption that a fellow doxie owner recommended. Wish me luck!

Now, here are some pics of my four-legged baby:

In the pet store waiting to come home.


Look at that face!


In the Easter basket.


With his brother, Riggs, a Border Collie. That’s a whole ‘nother post on it’s own!


So handsome.


Coming to work with me after his ear surgery.


A true Mama’s Boy. (me passed out at 7pm, 8 months pregnant with Elliott!)


I love you Rascal and I hope you still love me after I take the Pedi Paws to those nails of yours!