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We Knocked Santa Out

We went to the local Westfield mall this afternoon and dropped $27 and change for our annual picture with Mr. Claus.

This is one tradition that I just can’t stray from. We have gone to a Westfield mall every year since 2005 to visit Santa…they only {BELIEVE} for so long and as long as they do, we will do it the Westfield way. We have the last six years framed and display them up the stairwell each year. Our 2011 shot will be placed in a special frame on the mantel and then join the others up the stairs next year. I love to see how they have changed and grown each year…

We also picked up our annual personalized ornaments today. Again, another tradition that I just can’t give up. The {goal} is to have the kids get one that signifies something that they accomplished over the year ~ I had visions of a baseball one for Holden for his first year of t-ball and possibly a nice cross for Elliott to remember her first year of religious education classes {CCD}. Holden spotted a soldier in camouflage and Elliott fell in love with a cheerleader in a purple and white uniform….so that is what we walked away with. I guess you can only make certain decisions for your littles for so long.

It seems each year the kiosk changes up the company that makes the ornaments because the one I had my heart set on for the family from last year wasn’t there, but found one similar. I plan on doing another {tour de tannenbaum} so I will give you a peek at this year’s ornaments then.

┬áKnocking stuff out as it presents itself. I’d rather get it done early than wait until it’s too late and not get it done at all.┬áNext weekend we’re hoping to get {the shot} for our Christmas cards.

So, what have you checked off your holiday list so far? Please tell me I’m not the only crazy one…..


Skating into the holidays…

…one tradition at a time.

Turkey & cranberries, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes & marshmallows, green beans & fried onions and apple crumb pie & whipped cream have all been consumed.

Sat in front of the fireplace sipping coffee and admiring the holiday decor in this month’s Coastal Living {drool} and jotting down oodles of festive recipes and beverages.

Annual family ornaments have been purchased.

And, yes, Santa has been visited……TWICE!

We’ve already had SO much fun and it’s all just started.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


I’ve learned that if you don’t scurry, take it all in early and enjoy EVERY minute, it’s gone.

Not gonna let that happen.

‘Tis the season!