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Joie de Vivre

In 15 days we’ll be on our way to Paris, Sin City…

I envision macarons, brie & baguettes.

Croissants & pan au chocolat.

Wine & more wine.

{I’d better pack my New Balances!}

I love {to the zillionth power} this picture!

It was taken in Paris {again, the hotel in Vegas not the European city} 9 months ago when we were there for Jay’s fortieth.


Looking forward to entering my 40s with a bang and a {hearty or carefree enjoyment of life}.

Joie de vivre.

Look out 40….here I come!



Starting my Friday out by striking a match and taking it to a tea light under some Pumpkin Nectarine home fragrance oil.

The ceiling fan is spreading the scent throughout the house.

Fall is definitely in the air.


In 6 weeks from today we’ll be in Paris for my 40th!

Well, OK…this Paris, but I am SO excited:

{photo source}

A HUGE thank you to my sweet father-in-law for arranging this!

He may or may not LOVE Vegas.

It’ll be trés magnifique!



Also, Jay bought me my beach cruiser. Should be here next week!

Been wanting one since my carefree days of living in Pacific Beach back in college.

If I could just reminisce for a moment…

My best friend, Denise, and I lived in a, we’ll just call it “beachy slum”, 2-bedroom apartment just steps from Mission Bay.

I used to wear a pair of brown clogs around the place because I didn’t want my feet to touch the NASTY carpet and she’d make fun of me.

We would try to catch cockroaches under plastic tumblers.

The front door was hollow and I don’t believe was intended for a FRONT door….bedroom door maybe.

Oh my…

I think the rent was $600.

We split it 3 ways, but I had my own room so I paid a little more.

Oh my….

those were the days.

I used to help Dee do bra and CD inventories, but that’s a whole different post for a whole different day.

I LOVED living in this little rundown triplex.

So many memories.

So long ago.

SOOOOOO different from life as it is today.

And I wouldn’t change ANY of it for the world.

Thanks for letting me go back and remember times past!

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, the bike…it’s an early b-day gift from my sweet and generous hubby.

I cannot wait to lay eyes on it.

Now to look for a fun helmet to compliment the beachy, Hawaiian feel.

Thinking about embellishing whatever helmet I find with a little bling…

Planning some fun family bike outings as Jay also just purchased a 2 seat trailer for the back of his bike. This year we’re planning on enjoying the holiday lights at Griffith Park on bikes. I’ll have to figure out how to drink my salted caramel hot chocolate and ride a bike at the same time!

Oh, the joys of living in So Cal….

I truly am spoiled.


The happiest of Fridays to you!

Fantasy Friday


It’s time for another make believe trip.

This time we’re packing our bags and heading to France!

Waiting for the day I will lay my eyes on this:

Sit at a sidewalk café and nosh on these:

and this:

Stay here:

Ride this around to the outdoor markets collecting flowers, fresh fruits, veggies & herbs:

Sip wine and feast on a French dinner here:

Take a drive south and witness the lavender plains of Provence:

…and ultimately end up on the beaches of Marseille, Nice or Monaco (I’m not picky!):


Now off to whip up some crepes.

Hope your Friday is tres magnifique!

{All things French….Google Images}