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Health Wars

I decided that July was going to be dedicated to focusing on health….mainly mine. I needed to step up my fitness goals and revamp my/our eating habits a little despite the fact that it’s summer, HOT and all that sounds good is eating out and having ice cream on a daily basis.

Just because we have “Coconut Pancakes in Pajamas” on our summer to-do list doesn’t mean that I have to stray from my goals and lose focus. I had seen these Biggest Loser pancakes on Pinterest and decided to make those for when we had our friends over for breakfast last week.

I’m happy to report that they were reeeallly good. They were dense, hearty and filling and with a few fresh berries, some coconut and a little sugar free syrup, totally satisfied the flapjack craving. I will most certainly make these again, doubling the recipe to make extras for easy, microwavable breakfasts during the week.

As mentioned, too, I am taking part again in {45 Miles in July}. Same gist as June, but Marta upped the mileage to 45 in July…I went a little crazy last week and attacked the pavement and the elliptical. I’ve been walking up to our clubhouse {2 miles round trip} and doing 5 miles on the elliptical while I’m there! I can do 5 miles in an hour ~ one hour {plus about 30 minutes walking} out of my day for ME. For me to think, reflect, plan, daydream, reminisce, cry, sweat. Yes, I am tired at 7:00pm when I take off, but once I am out the door and in motion, I am invigorated. It also helps that I have a slew of Instagrammer friends that cheer me on and keep me motivated. Their sweet comments and likes as I report my daily mileage are just the fuel I need to get me out there every afternoon or evening and KEEP GOING.

And this weekend I told my self that just because it IS the weekend doesn’t mean it’s OK to take a break. Olympic athletes don’t not train on Saturdays and Sundays so why should I?

True story…yesterday I watched Cupcake Wars whilst on the elliptical for an hour. To some that may be the ultimate fitness fail, but it kept me striding along because I just had to see who won the battle of the buttercream! Hey, whatever works, right? I’d rather watch others bake and decorate than do it myself and be tempted.

Perhaps America’s Next Top Model would be more appropriate. Next time.

And previously I would take the weekends to bend the healthy food rules a bit and chalk it up to {it’s the weekend} and tell myself that I would start strong again come Monday morning. Uh, easier said than done, of course.

This weekend we enjoyed our town’s first Summer concert in the park and while this is usually a time when I spend the afternoon preparing a fun picnic, this time we ate dinner before we went and just brought some snacks for the kids and ONE adult beverage to sip. We did indulge in a scoop each of good old fashioned Thrifty {Rite Aid} ice cream afterwards. I am logging my meals and snacks into an app called My Fitness Pal and had a thousand calorie deficit for the day, so I treated myself…

{Yummy Circus Cookie!}

I didn’t feel guilty for having this. I had worked for it all week and it was worth every calorie.

And yesterday we grabbed a quick lunch at Chipotle before catching a movie. Chipotle is my fave. Like I could eat their salted, limey chips and guac multiple times a day fave. Jay and I sometimes will share a carnitas burrito, but I’m sure there are still gazillions of calories in a half as those things are bricks wrapped in foil! Yesterday I decided to get a salad with chicken ~ no tortilla. no rice. no cheese. no sour cream. no guac. no chips. Just lettuce, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, corn salsa and hot salsa. I got the dressing on the side and just dipped my fork in it from time to time. It was delicious and I had no urge to sneak a chip or ask Jay for a bite of his scrumptious steak burrito.

These are all baby steps. Baby steps that will hopefully add up to one big step towards a healthier & fit me.

Yes, it’s hard because I am someone who loves to try new comfort food recipes and bake s’mores brownies, but it’s harder to get further and further away from your health and fitness goals as each year passes.


It’s only been about 8 days, but I’m already feeling better. My head is clear and I am focused.

One baby step at a time.

Prelude To The Turkey

Last Friday while doing my weekly grocery shopping, I remembered it was a {short week} and that took the pressure off a little as far as meal planning and packing lunches go. I gave in and purchased two Lunchables for Elliott for Monday and Tuesday, but made up for it with our dinners!

We tried several new recipes this week that I wanted to pass along…are you ready?

French Onion Soup {a favorite of Jay’s}

This was my first ever attempt at this soup. I looked at several recipes before settling on the one from Epicurious…very pleased with the way it turned out, though. I found the little ramekins at Ross for $1.99 each. They were the perfect size for two ladles of soup and two baguette croutons. Gruyere is about $20 a pound, but so worth it {I got 8 ounces at Sprouts for a little over $10}!

BLT Pasta Salad {via Pinterest}

Spotted this and realized I had every single ingredient ~ the perfect way to use up several tomatoes on the vine, some center cut bacon, a head of romaine, some green onions {in place of the chives} and the last of some light sour cream! I even had a box of whole wheat penne in the pantry. This could totally pass for a main course salad.

Bombay Sloppy Joes {courtesy of cute Aarti from Food Network}

Sloppy Joe goes exotic! When I first spotted these, I filed them away in my mental food rolodex. I love Indian flavors and knew that these would be right up  my alley. The slight sweetness comes from just a bit of honey and raisins and the kick comes from serrano peppers! The house smelled divine as this was cooking up. I will never buy Manwich again. We’ve been making Rachael Ray’s homemade sloppy joes for years, but these are a nice twist.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes {again, via Pinterest}

Not a great pic, but they were soooo yummy. We had our neighbors over in their pajamas this morning, brewed a huge pot of coffee and enjoyed these. This was one of the new traditions on this year’s holiday list {click on the link if you want to see how the pancakes are really supposed to look ~ ha!}. You could certainly use pancake mix, but I made this from scratch as the recipe suggests and it was a cinch. I made mini silver dollar size by using a tablespoon to measure out the batter. The cream cheese drizzle puts them over the top!


Looking forward to Mr. Turkey and all his side dish friends tomorrow.

I am learning that a lot of people don’t care for the green bean casserole with the dried onions….I love it! It kind of wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

What is the one thing that is a must on your Turkey Day table?


Being the last weekend before back-to-school, I decided to whip up an extra special pancake breakfast….

{churro} pancakes as seen here.

It’s as simple as adding a few shakes of cinnamon to your favorite mix {I used Ralphs brand buttermilk [just add water]}. Then stir up some cinnamon sugar and sprinkle on top before drizzling on the syrup.

That’s it.



Saturday treat.

Hope your weekend is stacked with one good thing after another!