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Pink Oats

Happy Tuesday!

Popping in to tell you about a new concoction I threw together yesterday morning that I am hooked on…

Raspberry Steel Cut OatsĀ 

Raspberries were super cheap at Ralphs this week so I grabbed a few containers.

I like to make 2 or 3 servings of oats and then have them ready for a couple mornings during the week since they do take 7-10 minutes on the stove ~ but SO worth it! We get them at Sprouts in the bulk bins for next-to-nothing or Trader Joe’s has their own brand now.

For these, I added one container of raspberries to 2 servings about 5-7 minutes after they started cooking. The berries break down and color the oats pink. When done cooking, place a serving in a bowl along with just a little almond milk {or other choice}, some sliced almonds, a dusting of coconut {toasted would be out of this world!} and a sprinkle of white chocolate chips.

Not an everyday type breakfast, but certainly a nice summer treat here and there!



Scenes Of A Sunday Afternoon

It was either The Getty or Hollywood today.

First, we snacked on Monkey Bread for breakfast:

And then we chose:

Lunch was served at 8 oz. Burger Bar on Melrose:

I loved this place…roughed up cement floors, old dinged up wooden tables, cool modern silver chairs like this:

…even the Ladies Room was fun with vintage metal signs and black lacquer mirrors scattered about the walls! Right up my alley.

The fare was fancy, yet casual.

We shared the fried pickles:

Jay had the sampler with lamb, boar & their house beef which came with a sampler of beers:

The kids shared kobe corn dogs!

After that we headed to Milk…I learned about this fantabulous gemĀ here.

I seriously need to move to a place far, far away from all trendy eateries. Because once I read about something or see it on Food Network and live within a 40 mile radius, I’m in. Talk about NO self-restraint.

Since it’s a special holiday weekend (because I need an excuse), I figured what the heck. But after tomorrow it’s back to salads, yogurt and putting those New Balances to WORK! Seriously…..

Milk is to. die. for.

My word.

They have Nutella ice cream, friends! I sampled it, but didn’t get it.

They have a signature “Blue Velvet” cake. I looked at it through the glass, but didn’t get it.

They have crazy good ice cream sandwiches where the cookies are actually French macaroons!

I took a picture of them, but didn’t get one. (I did have a bite of my bro-in-law’s Coffee Toffee one, though!)


Super interesting ice creams:

I’m a little concerned about the “Goat Milk Fig ?” ~ Hmmm, the question mark makes me a little nervous.

But I’m sure it’s really good. EVERYTHING looks really good.

Even if it involves a “?”.

Red Velvet “Popper”:

My Iced Spiced Molasses cookie:

{Nobody was interested in my cookie, mysteriously enough….they missed out.}

By the way, if your child drops their ice cream on the floor while you’re paying, they will promptly run out, clean it up and have a new cone waiting before you even knew what hit you.


Where you can wear a dress shirt, Adidas pants and cowboy boots and nobody bats an eye.

Well, he did get MY attention.

We had a nice afternoon in Hollyweird, but it’s good to be home!

P.S. How do you like my new summer Havaianas?

I love my new blue toes!

Suzi Says Feng Shui:

Summer MUST be right around the corner.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!