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Visions Of Sugar Cookie Bars

I’ve had visions of these dancing in my head ever since they jumped out at me on {the big p}.

I decided we needed to ring in the new year with these beauties ~ don’t they look like they’d go well with champagne?



Not overly sweet.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a big cream cheese frosting fan so when I saw that the frosting had something to do with Philadelphia, I was a little skeptical. But the rest of the butter, powdered sugar and Nielsen-Massey made up for it!


You MUST make these. They are MUCH easier that rolling out sugar cookie dough, cutting and decorating!

The recipe makes a TON…..so if you live nearby, I have 5 big soft, sugary squares of this stuff tucked neatly inside a cellophane bag and tied up with a bow. If I know where you live {in the SCV only ~ ha!} and you’d like the sugar cookie bar fairy to drop a sweet New Year’s Day goodie off at your doorstep, just say the word.

Now, off to mingle and ring in Twenty Twelve.

It’s gonna be a good one ~ I can feel it!

Be safe, y’all!