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A Letter To Summer

Yesterday I printed off several of these cute summer letter templates from Thirty Handmade Days.

It was a HOT one and we spent the morning at the pool for an early play date. When we got home and after we’d had some lunch, the kids sat down for a little quiet time and completed these sweet notes to pop in the mail before we head out to the {right coast}!


When they were all done and each box contained darling little drawings and cute elementary handwriting, I thought about sitting down and completing one myself! Instead, I decided to do mine in blog form and write my letter to SUMMER!

Dear Summer,

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to since you arrived…


{GoPro-ing at the pool}


Finishing 6 week long projects that should NOT take 6 weeks…


{full reveal to come ~ stay tuned}

Catching the latest at the box office…


{we did not see 2 movies in one day…Holden just really loves this shirt! 😉 }


{Despicable Me 2 on opening day}

What I love best about you so far, Summer, is…


{quiet afternoons with a good book}


{concerts in the park}

My favorite memories with you to this point are…


{going on an adventure with this little pirate}



{getting a sitter and hanging out with this guy}

We’re almost halfway through with you, Summer….why must you go so fast?

The next two weeks will be spent creating new adventures and making new memories in a whole different spot on the map.

You’ve been good to us so far, but I know there’s lots more in store. You’re really good at inviting us to enjoy your warm, sunny days and your starry, chirping cricket-filled nights!

Thank you for always delivering…


Love your forever friend,

Amy xoxo