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Serve Up A Smile

Rainbow layered cakes are all the rage these days.

Yes, they’re a little more time consuming {especially when you only have one pan and need to bake 4 separate cakes!}

But it’s all worth it when you cut into it and reveal this…

Your guests will “ooooh and ahhhhh”.

How can you not?


For this cake, I used two boxes of white cake mix. I prepared the first box and then took 2 cups of batter and put it into another bowl. I used food coloring {gels} rather than regular food coloring as they are more vibrant. First, I put about 15 drops of pink and yellow, mixed well and baked those off. Then I repeated the process with the second box of mix and used the same amount of food coloring for the green and blue cakes and baked them off. Let cool and then layer them together with just a bit of frosting. Frost the whole cake, decorate, sing and then serve up a smile.

Happy 6th Birthday, Elliott!

Thank you for all the {smiles} you bring to our family!

When my little cake grows up, it wants to be just like this!


{I found the Wilton gel food colors at Target {pink, yellow, green & blue}. You can also find them at Michael’s or Wal-mart in many different colors. These cakes are fun for holidays, graduations or sporting events. It’s fun to grab the school or team colors and bake up some spirited cupcakes or layered cake}