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Homework Nazi

Oh my.

Homework has finally started.

I am a FREAK about the homework.

From day one…”Do you have homework? Is there anything in your folder?”

I am paranoid.

At back to school night we were informed that homework and “sight words” would begin on lucky September 13th. But I was still a FREAK and would ask her everyday on the way home,

“Do you have homework? Is there anything in your folder?”

Because I don’t want her to miss anything….have a big fat “F” in the grade book.

In Kindergarten.

I am paranoid.

But I want to get her conditioned for the homework because it is going to be part of our life now ~ for MANY years.

The first packet came home yesterday.

It’s due Friday.

We’re done.

We don’t need to worry about it for the rest of the week. SHE wanted to do it ALL. I’m certain the novelty will wear off and it’ll be like pulling teeth down the road, but for now she digs it and I am happy.

But I am still a FREAK. I have quadruple checked each sheet for accuracy.

Did she write her name at the top of each page?

Did we follow directions?

Are her “M’s” and “m’s” kosher?

Did she stay {semi} in the lines while coloring?

Did she complete everything?

Her first journal entry was to follow the prompt, “I like __________.”

Tiana ~ complete with a ruffled dress, frog, grass, flowers, clouds and hearts.

Journal entry #1, complete!

Homework packet #1, complete!

Paranoid mother, complete!

I give myself a C-….I definitely need to improve.


I volunteered in Elliott’s class this morning for a couple hours.

I gotta give Kindergarten teachers everywhere PROPS.

Man, those are some BIG zapatos to fill!

I don’t know if I could do it…so many wee ones with all sorts of energy and curiosity.

After a Patriot’s Day ceremony out in the school yard I was put to work filling cubbies with colorful crayoned worksheets with darling stick figures, info on “Share Day” and homework packets.

It was fun to hear the “circle” goings on ~ news about the class “Superstar”, the weather, the day of the week, practicing syllables with claps.

The little cuties would ask me for help every once in awhile…

“Can you please tie my dress?”

“Can you please hold this for me?”

“Can you please zip up my sweatshirt?”

“Can you please tie my dress again?”

So sweet {and polite!}.

My favorite was the little darling that was “in charge” of tidying up the tables after a little art project by facing all the glue in the same direction and lining it up in the caddies just so. {TOTALLY something I would do!}

{image source}

It was 2 quick hours, but I learned SO much.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Routine. Routine. Routine.

Just 4 short weeks ago these boys and girls didn’t know each other and entered a whole new chapter of their lives.

They’ve already come SO far.

New friendships. New rules. New traditions.

I loved the way all the 25 teeny-tiny voices sung, “Good morning, Mrs. Aspiras” and ‘Thank You, Mrs. Aspiras”.

A big THANK YOU to ALL teachers out there!

I admire you and I thoroughly enjoyed helping out with Mrs. H’s busy little bees today.

I’ll be buzzing in again in a couple weeks!

6 Hours

2 weeks from today I will have a kindergartner.

3 weeks from today I will have a preschooler.

This equates to 6 hours a week of “ME” time.

No, I won’t be out getting weekly massages, pedicures, blowouts, spray tans or shopping sprees…


I will be able to run errands, clean the house, do laundry, get organized and begin my half marathon training.




You know, doing the things that should take 30 minutes, but can take all day when there are little ones involved.

This is a bittersweet time.

The start of many years of education for Elliott and the “introductory phase” for Holden.

Years that I hope they will enjoy.

Years that they will never get back.

New milestones for everyone.

New teachers. New friends. Learning. Discovering. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic.

Yes, I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mother.

Yes, I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

But everyone enjoys a little alone time once in awhile.

I am looking forward to my 3 hours every Tuesday/Thursday morning.

But most of all, I am looking forward to watching and being involved with Elliott and Holden as they embark on their educational journeys.

Here’s to the official last 2 weeks of Summer!


Rite Of Passage

This morning was the much talked about 5-year old, pre-K visit to Dr. Yen, the pediatrician.

I was very up front with Elliott and we talked about the fact that she was going to get a boat load of shots for Kindergarten and there was no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

It’s not an option.

You’ve got to do it.

We chatted about it for a couple months and she was ready. Telling everyone that she was going to get her shots “the day after tomorrow” and sport a cool band-aid.

After being measured (42″) and weighed (37#) she had her hearing tested and blood pressure taken:

Fortunately they serve up a cocktail of the varicella and MMR vaccine so she only got one “ouchie” today.

Next month it’s the polio & DTP and tuberculin skin test.

Lots of things to check off the list before the big “K”.

This visit didn’t slow her down one bit…she played and swam all afternoon, went to dance and is now 2 doors down with Emilie playing on the swing set and eating spaghetti!

No nap.

No rest.

She’ll be sacked out this evening, I’ll bet.

Oh wait, it IS this evening…

The energy of a 5-year old.