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The Circus Is Coming To Town

Once Holden’s FORTH birthday was over, I immediately went into pick-a-theme mode for his FIFTH {coming up in about a month}.

Remember this post?

Well, since then I wondered if a circus/carnival theme was too overdone ~ if he was too old since most of the parties I saw were for one, two and three year olds…I toyed with coming up with more of an original theme.

But, ultimately I decided to stick with the {5} ring circus theme with a side of carnival and I am obsessed with pinning, googling, bargain hunting and menu planning.

I recently came across this soiree which is breath taking…honestly there are bajillions of carnival parties out there on the interwebs that are magazine material.


Does that not scream fun?

Well, I can say that I am certainly having fun jotting notes down in my journal and hunting for all things carnival related on my shopping travels.

Click here to see my board on Pinterest…if you dare.

{Just let me know if you’d like an invite and you could be pinning tonight!}

Seeing Stripes

Another birthday party down in the books…

Even if it was “off site” this time around, I am beat!

It was a great time, though and the little gymnasts had a blast ~ which is all that matters in the end!

…and one last celebration at home with Emilie…

Happiness is writing this post, sipping on some Chardonnay and knowing that I still have tomorrow to relax at the pool, grill with family and friends and know that my sweet girl is tumbling her way into FIVE with a big smile on her face!

Now a break from party planning for a bit, but since I am a freak and already know the venue and theme for both kid’s next festivities, I will be on the lookout for goodies here and there.

The joys of OCD!