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Bypass The Big Green Circle

Want to save some money when it comes to your Starbucks/CBTL/Peet’s/etc. addiction?

Sure you do.

Want some strong, cold, iced coffee waiting for you in your ‘fridge every morning?

You absolutely do.

Cute Julie passed along this method via {a bit of sunshine}.

: Cold Brewed Iced Coffee :

Super easy. Super yum.

You will need:

French Press

3/4 cup ground coffee {I use French roast}

3 Tbsp brown sugar

2 Tbsp extract of choice {vanilla, almond, coconut ~ I’ve used all three and they’re all excellent!}

Cinnamon, optional

3 cups water


Take your french press and add your brown sugar, extract and a couple shakes of cinnamon if you desire. Add in your 3/4 cup coffee and 3 cups water.

┬áPlace into ‘fridge overnight.

In the morning {or for an afternoon pick-me-up} just press down the grounds and pour half the press into a tall glass with lots of ice. No need to add sugar, just your favorite creamer or a splash of milk!

{I get two servings out of one press}

Pop it into your cup holder and carry on with your day!

Be sure and give a little honk or a wave at your local Starbucks as you drive past!

{I’m not telling you to boycott your fave coffee establishments, just letting you know you can save a little green here and there when it comes to caffeinating yourself!}

Note: I enjoy the almond the most. Almond extract is easy to find, but it comes in itty bitty bottles. To remedy that, just run to your nearest Smart & Final and pick up a 16 ounce bad boy for less than 6 bucks…