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Wanna Be CPK ~ BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad

Always trying to duplicate the Original BBQ Chicken Salad from California Pizza Kitchen…

This will just have to do ~

1 bag romaine, chopped into smaller pieces

1/2 of a rotisserie chicken {or leftover chicken}, cooled and chopped

1/4-1/2 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1/3 cup {or so} sweet white corn {I use frozen, thawed}

1/4 cup shredded cheese {I used Mexican blend, light}

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped

1/2 cucumber, peeled and chopped

Chopped cilantro {however much you like ~ we like A LOT}

1/2 of an avocado, sliced or chopped

red onion, finely chopped {optional}

Squeeze of lime {optional}


I just mix a little store bought light ranch and some bbq sauce and toss!

{You can also get fancy and drizzle bbq sauce over the salad like CPK does, but the brand I bought wasn’t a squeeze bottle and I didn’t want to over-do the sauce/dressing}

They have a new Caramelized Peach Salad that I will try to recreate soon!


Nighty Night!

Fantastico! ~ Chopped Antipasto Salad

When we were in Myrtle Beach over the summer we went to dinner at King’s Famous Pizza {thanks Yelp!} one evening. We ordered the antipasto salad and I vowed right then and there that this was something that I was going to recreate at home. Their house dressing was amazing ~ they had obviously gotten requests from customers to buy it because they had it all bottled up and ready for sale! The best way to explain it is a cross between Italian and honey mustard ~ tangy and sweet, but not too sweet.

Last night I threw together this antipasto salad and it was quite satisfying…

Romaine, chopped

Light Salami, diced {about 10 slices ~ I used Gallo}

Lowfat mozzarella, shredded {1/2-3/4 cup}

Garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained {about 3/4 can}

Tomato, seeded and chopped

Red onion, chopped/minced

Pepperoncinis, chopped {about 6-8}

*Toss with Bernstein’s Cheese Fantastico dressing*

{light dressing that doesn’t taste light!}

Other possible add-ins: bell pepper, red pepper, cucumber, black olives, artichoke hearts or chopped giardiniera {Italian style pickled vegetables}. You could also substitute pepperoni or other Italian meats for the salami. Next time I’ll add in just a bit of honey mustard and try to recreate King’s house dressing.


Perfect Portable Pigskin Picnic

I decided to pack a healthier dinner to take to the UCLA game last night…

I love me some chopped salads!

Asian Chop Chop Salad with Sriracha-lime Ranch

{This salad was inspired by one of my favorites ~ Chopped Taco Salad}

I just took some romaine hearts and sliced/chopped into bite size pieces.

I added some ground turkey that I browned up with a little green onion, some grated carrot and some TJ’s soyaki sauce. {this is the same mixture for our favorite lettuce wraps, too} I then chopped some veggies…red pepper, red onion, sugar snap peas, more grated carrots, cucumber and cilantro. Throw in some mandarin oranges and some Wasabi Ranch wonton crunchies and toss with store bought ranch dressing doctored up with a few squeezes of lime and some sriracha sauce!

{these are my new fave find}

I layered it in some plastic food storage containers and carried the wontons and dressing separately to toss right before serving.

I was afraid that these containers {5 cups} were a little to small and the portions would leave us still hungry, but it was plenty.

It was reeeallly good. Spicy from the dressing and sweet from the mandarin oranges. Can’t wait to make this again. Next time I’ll use napa cabbage and throw in some toasted sliced almonds for added crunch.

A healthier alternative to your average tailgate grub.

It’s perfect because you don’t need plates ~ just eat it right out of the container.


South Of The Border Salad


I kicked off the weekend with my Ladies and Chopped Taco Salad with Spicy Sour Cream Ranch Dressing. All that was missing was a ‘rita on the side!

This salad is perfect for Summer……or whenever!

Chopped Taco Salad

1 head iceberg lettuce, rinsed and chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 package ground turkey, chicken or beef (about a pound)
1 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 package taco seasoning mix
1 can black beans, rinsed & drained
1 small can corn, drained
2 roma tomatoes, chopped
1 cup shredded cheese (cheddar, jack, pepperjack, whatever floats your boat)
1 avocado, diced

cilantro, chopped (optional)

olives, chopped (optional)

green chiles, chopped (optional)

Saut̩ the onions in the olive oil for 5 minutes or so. Add the ground meat and brown Рbreaking up with a wooden spoon. Once the meat is cooked through, add about 3/4 of the taco seasoning package reserving the rest for the dressing. Add about 2 Tbsp. water to the meat mixture and cook for a few minutes longer. Let cool.

I like to layer my salad in a glass bowl – lettuce, meat, black beans, corn, tomato, cheese, avocado, lettuce, meat, black beans,corn, tomato, cheese & avocado.

Spicy Sour Cream Ranch Dressing

1/2 cup low fat Sour Cream
Low fat Milk
Packet Ranch Dressing Mix
Reserved taco seasoning from package

Put sour cream in a small bowl along with about 1 Tbsp ranch seasoning and the rest of the taco seasoning. Add about 4 Tbsp milk and whisk together. I like my dressing a little thinner so add more or less milk depending on how thick you desire your dressing.

Don’t toss until right before serving….the salad can get soggy pretty quick.

Garnish with crushed tortilla chips or, if you’re really feeling naughty, crushed Doritos. Cornbread is a tasty sidekick, too!

Have a wonderful weekend….Adios!