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Rummage Sale

A random pile of facts from our weekend…

1. Made {Baked Oatmeal} for our Saturday breakfast.

{followed the link above, but subbed almond/coconut milk and coconut extract}

Such a fun twist on regular ‘ol boring oatmeal…next time I’m adding some fresh berries to the mix.

2. We had an impromptu garage sale on Saturday morning. It was more like a rummage sale. I just threw a bunch of stuff out there and came up with a price when they asked!

Made about $20 an hour for stuff that I would have driven to Goodwill…I’ll take it!

3. Holden cried when a woman walked off with his Baby Bjorn potty chair. He said, “You’re selling all my stuff!” About broke my heart, but he wasn’t about to coax me into keeping stuff that I’m trying to get rid of, so he went inside and watched a movie while mama purged!

4. Fun bowling birthday party with this delicious pizza for lunch.

5. Little Church and my scripture study were cancelled for Sunday morning, so we went to Saturday evening mass instead.

6. Made Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Chili Mac for dinner.

Super yum and lowfat. I used reduced fat cheeses for the top ~ blue cheese and mexican blend.

7. Sunday morning was lazy with clouds, rain and Pioneer Woman’s Super Sonic breakfast burritos!

I think I got a little too aggressive with the fillings, but they were to-die-for.

8. Kids talked me into taking them to Elliott’s new dance studio’s grand opening in the POURING rain just to jump in the germ infested bouncy….


Waste. Of. Precious. Gas.

9. Jay didn’t like the quote the dealer gave him for new brakes on his Jeep, so he did it himself.

{We did have to make one minor trip to a “professional” for a quick fix-it, but other than that we saved a ton of cash. Thanks Pep Boys for the parts and YouTube for the brake changing tutorial!}

10. Had the Sushi Bake again for dinner last night. We’re hooked.


And that was our weekend, folks.

Hope yours was just as random and nice!


A Splash Of Milk, A Pinch Of Salt & A Gallon Of Patience

Last night before going to bed, Elliott had an idea to don our matching ladybug aprons, have Holden wear her green one and make breakfast burritos this morning.

I’m glad she came up with the idea last night so I had plenty of time to get in the right frame of mind for having TWO sous chefs in the kitchen.

And working with eggs.

I am really trying to listen to their interests and cater to them and I am thrilled that they see me in the kitchen loving the chopping, measuring, sautéing, flipping, roasting, etc. and want to join in. However, we always need to add one crucial ingredient to the recipe when they are helping and that is PATIENCE. I know they are four {almost 5} and 6.5 and I know that we are going to have spills and be fishing egg shells out of the bowl, but I still have to channel my inner peace and say, “It’s OK…this is how Giada and Tyler and Rachael and Bobby started out…”

I can re-bleach the grout and re-Swiffer the floors, no problem ~ {smiling with gritted teeth}.

{mixing the eggs for our breakfast burritos}

The kids have a much different idea of what goes into a breakfast burrito than I do, of course.

Tortilla. Eggs. Roll up. Done.

Mine was over the top with some leftover crumbled sausage, a couple slices of a forgotten avocado in the produce drawer, a sprinkle of cheese, some cilantro {parsley as Elliott calls it}, a little dollop of light sour cream and a whole lotta shakes of the Cholula bottle {and the scrambled eggs of course}.

Elliott was in charge of the drinks and served up a mean ice water and two apple juices complete with Cutie garnish on the rim {all her idea ~ she’s catching on!}…


You know what? Breakfast burritos and {patience} do pair well together, after all.


Thankful that my babies do want to wear their aprons and explore in the kitchen.

Making a commitment to accept more help with meals and snacks in Twenty Twelve.

Linking up with Sarah today over at The Fontenot Four ~ Thankful Thursdays!

The Fontenot Four

Easy Breezy Brunch

My Mom/Gramma celebrated her 70th birthday over Labor Day weekend.

We knew all along, obviously, that we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate and toyed with the idea of a surprise party, a gathering at a fun Mexican restaurant overlooking Lake Hodges, a formal dinner party or appetizers at sunset. We decided {just 2 weeks before the party} that it would be a beachy brunch.

I sprung into action and set out to find all things turquoise, blue and green! I picked up these simple seashell notecards at Michael’s for just 75¢ a pack, quickly drafted up the inside, printed them and popped them in the mail.

The same day I found the invites, I also picked up four colored glass bottles at Ross on clearance for $2.49 each…

You can see a couple of them in the pic above ~ the other two were perched on the mantel and in the entry way. I also found a cute, beachy sign that said “Sands Of Time” that I leaned up again the bottle that greeted the guests at the front door {unfortunately no pic, but that was also just $2.49}. The turquoise branches were recycled from Elliott’s party in May.

The tablecloth was just a huge piece of burlap that I bought at Home Depot thanks to the idea from my good friend and fellow party planner, Lisa! It was less than $4 and fit the table perfectly. I liked the fact that it was rustic and wrinkled and gave the impression of sand on the beach.

I tried to keep the menu easy and delicious, of course. I chose to do a couple of the breakfast casseroles that can be prepared the night before and taken from the fridge to the oven the next morning for stress-free entertaining. I did one with sourdough, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and feta adapted from here. Then I did one with the hash browns, sausage, onions, red peppers and cheddar. {see how it comes together in the link above} They were both a huge hit. I named the menu items after San Diego beaches ~ Coronado Breakfast Casserole, Wind N Sea Breakfast Casserole, Fiesta Island Fruit Salad and Mission Beach Monkey Bread.

We sipped on champagne drinks ~ mimosas {OJ} and hibiscus {cranberry juice}

For desserts I made the cake batter blondies, picked up some mini cupcakes and a mini new york cheesecake…

I used some coordinating ribbon {75¢/roll} and made some little picks for the desserts.

It was great to see so many friends from throughout the years…

{Playing “Happy Birthday” on the maracas!}

Singing, making a wish and blowing out the candles…


I really did enjoy throwing this together at the {last minute}. I did what I could here at home like make the paint chip buntings, plan the menu, make the blondies and shop for a few decorations. I made my grocery list, shopped in San Diego and knocked that out the afternoon before the party via Trader Joe’s and Albertson’s. What I love about brunch is that it is extremely affordable ~ all the groceries for about 40 people were approximately $75. I decorated and prepped the casseroles the night before so all I had to do before the party {started at 11am} was put together the fruit salad {bought pre-chopped melon and added grapes} in the glass jar, make the monkey bread and plate the desserts.

Invites, paper plates, napkins, utensils, cups and decor were about $30…everything else I already had or utilized from my mom’s already beachy house!

It was the easiest, breeziest {to-go} party and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Mom/Gramma, we hope you enjoyed visiting with all your precious friends and neighbors. Here’s to a wonderful, fresh new year ahead for you! We love you very much and are fortunate to have you in our lives.


I could never stay long enough on the shore, the tang of the untainted, fresh and free sea air was like a cool, quieting thought. ~ Hellen Keller

The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder forever. ~ Jacques Cousteau

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I’ve been feverishly planning a little 70th birthday celebration for my mom. In the process I’ve come across some fun ideas for an {out of the box} birthday party idea.

My mom’s celebration will be a little more substantial, but without giving too much away, I wanted to share these shots of cereal bar ideas. This would be a great way to host an early-ish morning bash and still have the rest of the day free. It’s easy enough to pack up for a celebration at the beach, lake, park or even just in your own backyard.

Virtually inexpensive and NO cooking or baking!

Here are a couple that I fell in love with on Pinterest, but have linked back to the original source.

Simple indoor…


Rustic outdoor…


Mooooo! Don’t forget the milk…


I need to get my hands on one of these…


You could go so many places with this theme. Fruit Loop necklaces. Rice Krispie treats. These cute cupcakes or cake pops:



Cereal cuteness ~ crunch, crunch!


Speaking of crunch{es}, today is day 30 of my 30 day shred. Not too sure exactly how much I have actually shredded, but I do know that I have enjoyed working this 30 minutes into my day for the past 30 days.

Going to start again tomorrow for another month and try to incorporate healthier eating this time. Ugh, so hard, but KEY!

Then I will move onto Ripped In 30. I’m going to be sore everyday for the rest of my life.

How is your Wednesday shaping up?