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6 Months And Counting

In exactly 6 months from today I will be forty.


Ten years ago I celebrated my 30th in Vegas. Man, 10 years ago!

A lot has happened in that time…lots and lots of major life changes:

Traveled lots for work, met Jay, bought a house, got 2 dogs, got engaged, got married, had a baby, moved to Nor Cal, sold a house, bought another house, had another baby, moved to LA county….

Looking forward to what the next 6 months bring before I hit the big 4-oh.

Lord only knows what goodness will come in the next 10. Excited to find out!

Here are a few shots from my 30th in Vegas:

{Me, Alisah, Noreen, my sister Becky & Shannon}

Funny thing…about 4 years after this pic was taken, Jay bought me the same cheetah cowboy hat while we were in Vegas at a company function. How I would love the zebra cutie now, too. I wonder if it’s still there at The Rainforest CafĂ© almost a decade later? Adore animal print ~ but in moderation!

Anyhoo, in 6 months I look forward to celebrating 10 more years in some capacity like I did in Vegas in ’00.

The countdown has begun…..