Read The Rainbow

They say we’re supposed to {eat the rainbow} in fruits & veggies, right?

So why not read it, too…

There is a big landing at the top of our stairs. We have this little bookshelf, some baskets of toys and a 13″ tv/dvd player that sits atop a small chest of drawers that houses puzzles and games.

The book situation was KILLING ME lately and I had to do something. I’ve seen the rainbow look all over the internet {most recently reminded of it here} and in magazines and have been meaning to sit down and sort red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black & white!

Today was the day and I LOVE how it looks. So pleasing to the eye. I feel like a librarian!

I had a little chat with the two children that will be reading this rainbow and said,

“You see how nice Mommy made your books look?”

“Doesn’t it look pretty?”

“We’re not going to sit and take out ALL the books, are we?”

“Mommy spent a lot of time organizing these.”

“If you take a book from the yellow section, it goes back in the yellow section when you’re done.”

“Do you understand?”

Am I cah-ray-zee to think that this rainbow is not going to explode?

We’ll see if anyone’s library card gets revoked.

2 thoughts on “Read The Rainbow”

  1. All I can say is that it is much more attractive than the way I did it a few months ago–by size. This idea never occurred to me. I guess it’s a perfect example of art vs science. You win, Sweetheart!

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