New Traditions ~ 2011 Holiday To-Do List

Along with our {old} holiday traditions, I wanted to add some {new} traditions this year. As we all know, the holidays always come and go at an alarming rate so I’m desperately trying to put our list together and get everything on the calendar so we don’t miss a beat.

1. Holiday Tea @ home with the family

I LOVE formal teas, but they can be expensive. I’ll pick up a few tea options and a loaf of soft Wonder bread to put together some little savory tea sandwiches that the whole family will love. Certainly Pinterest will be filled to the brim with some miniature sweet bites. We’ll get out our fine china, light a fire, put on some Christmas music, sit, sip and share what we love about the holidays.

{click here for oodles of tea sandwich ideas!}

2. {Merry Mama} Gift Wrapping Get Together

I went to a Christmas gift wrapping party once and it was so fun to sit around, sip {gingerbread martinis} and chat while cutting, taping and bow tying. I’ve always wanted to host one myself and have a date locked and loaded and a place for Jay and the kids to go! Ha!

3. Gift cards for the needy/homeless

I will be purchasing some little gift cards to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and we will hand them out as we see fit to do our little part of supplying a hot meal to those in need.

4. Pancakes in Pajamas ~ Christmas Edition

We did this over the summer and invited our friends and neighbors over. I’ve spied some cinnamon roll pancakes that I will whip up and have a little hot chocolate bar with all the fixins to wash them down.

5. Blessed To Bless bags

I love this idea…sharing the little things that we may take for granted everyday.

6. Deliver the neighbors’ goodies as a family

I think it’d be nice to load up the wagon, get bundled up, leash up the pooches and have EVERYONE visit the neighbors and wish them a Merry Christmas!

7. Get gift wrapping done early

I say this every year. I think wrapped gifts make nice decor. I’d love to have them spread around the house just waiting to be handed out to our family and friends.



This list is not to hurry along Thanksgiving, but merely to put these things on the radar for the weeks proceeding Turkey Day!

Last Thanksgiving was a little out-of-the-ordinary. I wonder what this year will hold.

Happy Wednesday, Floppers!


4 thoughts on “New Traditions ~ 2011 Holiday To-Do List”

  1. Bring it on! I’m in for an “out of the ordinary” Thanksgiving! Loved all your gift ideas in your “to do” list today! What sweet traditions!

  2. We have a lot of holiday traditions starting with getting all of the Christmas stuff out Thanksgiving weekend to start decorating. We always make a gingerbread house, go ice skating, and do either Toys for Tots or Angel Tree to make someone else’s Christmas a bit better. I think this year we’re going to attempt a Christmas home brew too.

  3. for the last 3 years we have done an advent calendar filled with activities. it is so fun… crazy busy but so fun. it helps to focus on the true meaning of christmas.

    i love some of your ideas. those pancakes look amazing!

    btw – tried the cheese fantastico dressing. i am in love!

  4. Made the pancakes this morning and they were just as good as they look! I even make the batter from scratch ~ so easy! Make them, make them! 😉 So glad you like the dressing. Believe me, I have tried all the light dressings and sometimes I think it’s better to use just a little of the full fat stuff rather than the low fat or fat free dressings! They taste awful, but this one is so flavorful you don’t even know it’s light! XO

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