Holiday Hustle

You may want to grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. This is going to be a mile long Monday post!

Things are heating up and the clock is ticking ~ less than 2 weeks and Santa will be coming down the chimney. This week is BUSY. So much on the holiday plate {more like a HUGE platter!}:

Make loads of puppy chow and saltine toffee, share holiday traditions in Elliott’s class, shop for white elephant gift and gift for Jay’s boss, pick up Christmas card photos, print letters, address, seal and stamp 120 envelopes, menu plan for 7+ guests here for Christmas, etc. etc.

Not to mention I’ve only bought about 2.5 gifts and haven’t wrapped a thing!

Last month when I glanced at “December” on the calendar I knew it was going to be full, but isn’t it always? Something BIG going on every weekend…Vegas, Jay’s b-day and company party, Elliott’s Winter Recital and then, BAM!, Christmas! And, of course, there are all the little things sprinkled in amongst the big ones ~ school parties, playdates, laundry, dishes, homework, studying sight words, dance class ~ which brings me to the “something’s gotta give” thing. This week dance class lost out. I finally realized that I was packing WAY too much in. I felt terrible that she had to miss it, but at that moment, I needed to make sure that Jay’s b-day dinner was top priority.


Saturday evening was Jay’s holiday party which is always a good time. It’s held at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. It’s so neat to sit under Air Force One and enjoy appetizers, martinis, dinner, chats and dancing with fun co-workers!

Each year I stress on what to wear…finding the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. This year a new dress was out of the question. I do have a gorgeous plum colored number from Banana that I got earlier in the year that I was planning on wearing, however, my foot/ankle has really been bothering me the last few days so I knew heels were also out of the question. I decided on a pair of shoes and then built the outfit around them.

{Inspiration for these cuties here}

I bought these little plaid mary janes for like $2.50 at Target and then glue-gunned on the rosettes.

Jay said it was “business casual” {perfect!} so I immediately thought that the festive pantalones rojos would make an appearance. I just paired them with an old black top, cropped short-sleeved sweater, my crazy “Vegas” necklace and red rosette statement ring.


Comfy. Festive. Comfy. Casual. Comfy. {did I mention that?}

{The above pic cracked me up. I think, in this situation, Jay enjoys being the photographer because he doesn’t have to dance!}

{California Gurls!}

Cheesy background shot:

Group Shot:

We hired a babysitter for the first time ever! A super sweet girl from across the street. No, I didn’t call once to check up, however, SHE called us at midnight to get some idea of when we’d be home! Oops…I think I forgot to mention that. We were still in Simi waiting for the valet to bring us the car!

I think it’s evident by the photos that we had a good time.


Then yesterday I had my monthly Bitch Bingo session with the ladies.

So much fun….and I won twice!

It was a brunch and I brought Creme Brulee French Toast. This is a recipe that my sister told me about years ago and I am just now getting around to trying it. I MUST share it with you!

It’s the perfect thing to assemble on Christmas Eve and then bake up Christmas morning and serve while opening gifts.


Last night Jay and the kids decorated the annual gingerbread house.

Royal icing and mini gum drops everywhere!


Oh, and the weather is crazy warm for this time of year. There’s something just not right with going to see all the Christmas lights in a tank top and flip flops!

My goodness! I’d better hustle…lots to do.

Happy Monday!

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  1. LOVE your holiday party outfit this year!!! I love the plum dress but this comfy/business casual outfit is top notch!! So glad that you had a great time.

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