Hello, I Love You! ~ Kitchens

I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen and I am always dreaming of bigger, better and more counter space!

My pantry is small and missing one shelf.

I have clutter on my counters.

My cookbooks are up and out of the way, but out of sight means out of mind so unfortunately I don’t use them as much as I’d like.

So, when Heather over at Angel Face Designs mentioned a new little linky party that lets one showcase all the little things they L.O.V.E., I knew I had to jump in when I could out the first prompt was KITCHENS!

{Someday} I will get the pantry organized and I would love for it to look a little somethin’ like this.


Our last couple kitchens have had darker{ish} wood cabinets. They’re gorgeous, but I adore white in a kitchen and my next kitchen will be lighter and brighter like this beauty!

How about that old-fashioned aqua stove?

And that retro fridge….


Loving these two ledges for displaying dog-eared cookbooks ~ easy to switch out and adds fun color!


This cucina is a beautiful mix of rustic, modern, country and a little glitz & glamour with that chandelier…


And I LOVE the idea of a chalkboard fridge…the old skool green is a fun twist!


And our next kitchen will hopefully include a little command center that will be all. my. own.



Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!

Dreaming sure is fun.

Come see what others are lovin’ over at Angel Face Designs!

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