French Toast Friday ~ Coconut Banana

Elliott doesn’t have school today.

Staff Development.

It was SO nice to know that we didn’t have to rush, rush, rush this morning.

Get up. Go potty. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Pack lunch. Get backpack ready. Brush teeth. Brush hair. Wipe face. Put shoes & socks on. Dash out the door. Walk to school.

I decided to declare it “French Toast Friday”.

Since I love all things coconut, I recently picked up a bottle of coconut extract {emulsion} at Ross of all places. I normally don’t buy food items there, but I saw this and thought it’d be great for summer recipes in place of vanilla extract. And it was cheap so if it didn’t work out, no biggie.

So, this morning I decided to give our french toast a tropical twist.

I just added about 1 tsp. of the emulsion to 3 eggs and a touch of milk and scrambled with a fork before dunking the bread.

Here she is naked before syrup…

There was a little more egg mixture so I took the butt of the bread and soaked that, too.

Good thing French Toast Friday only rolls around once in awhile.

Um, it was amazing…..would be excellent with some toasted coconut on top or some chopped pecans, too.


Hope you have a syrupy sweet Friday!

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