Christmas Goodies For A Buck And Under

At the holidays especially, I like to acknowledge and thank all the people who we see on a daily weekly basis that are a big part of our lives.

If there is any time of the year to stop and take a little extra time to prepare and present little tokens of our appreciation, to me, it’s the holidays.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be a lot, but just a small something that is wrapped with lots of love and care.

Tonight I’m sharing three inexpensive little gifts all which ironically enough I learned about from Instagram!

Last year an IG friend from Hawaii posted the little Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers tied up with yarn along with a lollipop and I thought it was the cutest. I immediately stalked my local B&BW for their after holiday sale and ended up getting the small pocket size hand sanitizers for 75% off ~ about 38 cents each!

For Elliott’s class this year each student is receiving a candy apple anti-bacterial gel and a candy cane Tootsie Pop. I’m adding a little tag that reads,”Have a healthy and happy holiday! See you in 2014!”

I did similar treats for her soccer party which included the holders that I picked up for 25 cents last year…


For Holden’s Kinder/First grade class, I picked up some knit gloves from the dollar bins at Target. Skull for the boys and rainbows/stars for the girls. I just wrapped them in little treat bags from Dollar Tree and added a label that read, “Bundle up and stay warm over Winter Break. See you in 2014!”

Another IG friend posted something about Target having the “Yes to” lip balms for $2.99 with a $2 off coupon affixed to the package! It took me a couple weeks, but our store had several and I grabbed about 15 of them for our yard duties, aides, cafeteria workers and librarian.

Again, a dollar, but I wrapped them up and added a little note to make them a little more special…


The ziploc baggies are also from the Target dollar bins and came with the {enjoy} toppers!

This last little gift idea came from my friendĀ Julie via IG, as well.

I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest, but had forgotten about it. Who doesn’t want their toes all done up for the holidays?


I found the polishes at Ross for a dollar a piece ~ 6 for $5.99. And if glitter doesn’t scream “HOLIDAY!!”, I don’t know what does.

The sweet tags are a free download from Andrea over at Knitty Bitties.

These are perfect for babysitters, hair stylists, fellow mamas, dance teachers or any female really.

I picked up some cute little 1.69 fluid ounce body butters, also at Ross for 6/$5.99, to go along with.



Finding these little deals is sometimes time consuming, and it does require some planning ahead, too.

The key is to but it when you see it and tuck it away. There are TONS of cute wrapping options at all the dollar stores right now.

I hope these ideas are helpful. I joke that I need to stop checking Instagram, reading blogs and going onto Pinterest because I want to do everything!!

I have to remember that there is always next year and we all know how the holidays sneak up on us. They’ll be back before we now it….

Have a blessed weekend, friends!


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