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One Year Anniversary

This past weekend marked our 1-year anniversary here in So Cal. Last November we moved back down south to Santa Clarita from Gilroy/Bay Area in Nor Cal. Talk about time flying! I seriously can’t believe that it’s been 365 days or 52 weeks or 12 months since we moved….proof that life is going by WAY too fast these days and a reminder to enjoy every day, make beautiful memories and appreciate your friends and family!

Our friends, The Sharp’s, recently found out that they’ll be moving to the East Coast…this makes us very sad, but at the same time we are happy that Kev has a fantastic new job and now we have an excuse to hop on a plane and visit Delaware. They came up to visit and say goodbye (sniff, sniff) before they pack up and head across the country. Their dear friends (and now ours too!), The Lundstrom’s, also came up for the night from Simi and we sat around eating appetizers, drinking wine and chatting.

Here is a picture of Holden with Garrett Lundstrom. Holdy LOVES Garrett! (and I think Garrett loves Holdy, too!)


And here is a pic of Brynn Lundstrom, Elliott, Holden and Sophie Sharp!


The next morning we went to feed the ducks at the lake in our development.


A hug for Sophie before heading to the playground.


On our way back to the car, Kevin tried to get a good pic of our fam for this year’s Christmas card. I wanted an organic, candid-type shot. Elliott is NOT liking to have her picture taken lately…sssssoooooo, we will have to try again this weekend, but here is one that was cute and almost the look I was going for. Thanks for your photography skills, Kev!


And here are our darling friends Kevin, Debbie & Miss Sophie Sharp.


We wish you the best as you enter your next exciting chapter in life! You will meet wonderful new friends, uncover new traditions and make many happy memories in your new little part of the world, Delaware! Before you know it, you too will be celebrating your one-year anniversary in your new home. We love you and will miss you lots, but remember this isn’t “Goodbye” it’s “See ya later!” XOXO


OK, so Friday the 13th was the best day ever! I am still smiling ear to ear (no pun intended…get it…mouse ears). We went to Disneyland and it was great. I am happy to say that whatever attendance pattern tracking system Jay found was accurate. The crowds were doable. We literally walked on to many rides the first couple hours we were there and figured that we did 3X as much as we did last year when we went! It was wonderful!

Every time I visit D-land, I wonder…HOW does that place run? What goes on behind the scenes? How do they staff the place? There is someone assigned to sweeping up popcorn the minute it hits the ground, someone to assist you with getting your stroller out from the back of the sea of Gracos, Maclarens, Pegs & Bugaboos (gasp! why would you ever take your Bugaboo to D-land?), someone to watch over the characters while they are being mobbed by kid fans (oh and adult fans – will talk about THAT in a minute)…my point is, I am intrigued with the inner workings of the 8th wonder of the world known as Disneyland. It truly fascinates me.

OK, so please shoot me if, in 15-20 years, Jay and I are at Disneyland by ourselves and I have a lanyard with all the Disney character pins around my neck and am waiting in line for Pixie Hollow to take my pic with Tink and THEN complain after I see Tink and Silver Mist that, “We waited in line for 20 minutes for THAT?” Seriously. I witnessed this yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I love D-land just like the next person, but….c’mon. Just sayin’.

Also, a lot has changed since when I went as a kid. Remember the days when you just parked and walked to the front gate – no biggie? Well, now that Downtown Disney and California Adventure are there, there’s no more normal “old skool” parking lot. Now they have all these off-site lots and a whole shuttle bus scenario to go through so it takes 30+ minutes just to get into and out of the park to your car! Geez, how times have changed.

But, the magic of Mickey and his pals is still alive and well, of course. That will never change which is a good thing. Jay was going to get us season tickets, but then his little Jeep needed some TLC and $800 later, there went our season passes. But, you know what, I’m totally OK with that. I don’t think I want the pressure of a season pass. I want to keep D-land special and “new” and I think an annual trip will do us just fine.


Here are two of my favorite pics of the day.

On the good ‘ol old-fashioned carousel.

They’re right…it really IS the Happiest Place on Earth!

Until next year…

House of Mouse

Jay surprised us and is taking the day off on Friday. We’re heading to Mickey Mouse’s House! It’s the first day with the halls decked, the stockings hung, the trees trimmed and the lights strung. I love, love, love Disneyland during the holidays! It’s even MORE magical (if that’s possible).

Last December we had our maiden voyage to D-land as a family. We went on a Friday and it was packed. We only made it on a handful of rides. However, Jay came across a website that tracks attendance patterns and supposedly this is a “good” time to go. Who wants to go to D-land on Friday the 13th? We may be the only ones there. We will let you know!

Our first visit was interesting. We didn’t get into the park until after 2:00p.m. The parking lot was full and we parked off-site and walked into the park as there were no shuttles. We arrived at the front gate, waited in line for tickets and finally made it into the park. It was magical…seeing the expressions on the kids’ faces was, for lack of a better term, priceless. We immediately headed to the newly re-opened It’s a Small World. Eyes wide and dropped jaws the whole ride. It was precious. Elliott and Holden were finally under the Disney spell and it was beautiful.

It got dark and cold quickly.  We swiftly forked over $70-something for sweatshirts. Followed by personalized ears and ice cream while we watched the parade. We stayed to the bitter end Рmidnight. We changed the kids into their jammies and brushed their teeth before we headed home. The following day I felt like I was hit by a train. But of course it was ALL worth it.

This time I’m hoping we end the day at the Happiest Place on Earth with SMILES instead of this:


This is NOT the picture Disney Marketing wants you to see!