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The Unexpected

This weekend has been busy.

Up until late last week I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend just cheering Jay along in the Santa Clarita Half Marathon tomorrow, but…

it started at 7:55 am yesterday when I dropped Elliott off at school and has not stopped.

In and out of the car running errands, visits with friends, dance class, birthday celebrations.

I feel like my house is out of control.

I have e-mails and phone calls to return.

Laundry to fold and put away.

Dishes in the sink.

But it’s OK because other things are coming together.

I am so excited to have made several “sales” and collected donations already for CCFA!

Thank you to all who have given and are now sporting a rosette on their cardigan or a clip in their hair.

Some new colors and more bangled bracelets coming up….along with some goodies for the {Fido} in your life! 😉


Even though you know you have “more important” things to get done, never turn down the unexpected invitation that may come your way. It’s in these times that your children can spend hours running, laughing and frolicking with their pals and you can share much needed adult conversations with sweet friends over a cup of coffee {or something else!}.

So grateful for the UNEXPECTED this weekend.

Now, off to get some whole wheat pasta boiling for Jay’s race tomorrow!

Happy Saturday to you, and you, and you!


Racing For Rosettes

With my newfound love for making rosettes along with a sweet woman who stopped me and complimented my novice work, I decided that I am going to spread awareness and try to raise some money for CCFA. Next month’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 is benefitting the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Of America.

{Did I mention that I am attempting the half…key word ~ attempting!}

I am rolling rosettes like mad and am going to be giving them as a thank you for those who would like to make a donation.

With each $5 donation to CCFA, you will receive a large rosette of your choice to add flair to just about anything…

a simple ribbed tank

a tee

a hat

a scarf

a handbag

a throw pillow

a Christmas stocking

They certainly make an ordinary, everyday casual outfit pop!

I will have some pins, magnets, headbands and I also have one pair of raspberry maryjanes {size 10 ~ they run small} with 2 zebra rosettes on each.

{I cannot take credit at all for these darling shoes…I saw them here and fell in love! Then I spotted them on clearance at Target and grabbed a couple pairs to experiment with. They turned out super cute!}

I made some hair clips, too:

I also picked up some bangles and took some rosettes and a glue gun to them:

Elastic headbands:


Refrigerator magnets:


I apologize for this post being all over the place, bad photos, etc. but I just wanted to share my fundraising attempts as fast as possible!

Several people have stopped me and asked about these rosettes, so I figured I’d just glue them onto anything that isn’t nailed down and carry them around and when someone asks, I can pull them out and see if they’re interested!

Wouldn’t hurt, right?

If you’re local and want to check them out, contact me and we can meet up.

If you’re afar, let me know and we can work out some payment and shipping arrangements.

I will be in SD for Turkey Day so I will be pedaling my wares then, too! 😉

Thanks for looking and let me know what you like/don’t like…I just made a bunch of stuff not knowing what will be a hit and what won’t. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here!

So, start your holiday shopping and benefit CCFA at the same time!

Many thanks and much love!

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

…or maybe I did.

Check out all these rolled rosettes I’ve made…

I’m hooked!

It’s so fun to see each of them take shape. You cannot mess them up. That’s what I love about them….just when you think you did a wrong twist or turn, it looks good. The more random you are, the better they look!

I also bought some pin backs and have glue gun’d them on some and am going to put little magnets on others to dress up the fridge or anything else metal!

My plan is to make them for teachers, doctor’s office staff, my hair lady, etc. with a little holiday treat attached.

Why didn’t I start making these sooner?

I never really {enjoyed} Joann’s, but I can’t wait to go back and get some holiday fabric.

They would look darling dangling from the Christmas tree, too….

I’m loving the bright, cheery, sunshiny yellow ones!


I volunteered in Elliott’s classroom again this morning.

I tell ya, it was Elmer’s glue gone wild! But I love watching them craft their little hearts out ~ today was an orange cat for this week’s letter “Cc”.

One little classmate cutie ran up to me and said, “Mrs. Asparagus, I have the lunch box that matches Elliott’s backpack!”

So. Cute.

I love it…”Mrs. Asparagus”.

This is a BUSY week for the kindergartners….Red Ribbon week {yes, they’re already learning about “drugs”!}, basketball assembly today, costume parade Thursday, field trip to the pumpkin patch AND Fall Festival on Friday!


Not to mention Holden’s party and parade on Thursday….

But, I DID talk Elliott into being Dorothy for her school parade and the Fall Festival! I found a little blue and white gingham dress at Target on clearance and she agreed to wear it, but NOT for trick-or-treating {she still wants to go door-to-door as a ballerina} Fine, I’ll take it! 😉

We’re currently sourcing a little basket and a small “Toto” dog.


Hope you’re having a {rosey} Tuesday!

Gallon Of Milk & A Glue Gun

That’s what I went to Wal-mart for last night at 9pm.

I was on a mission…

Blogging has really INSPIRED me. Since I started blogging, almost a year ago, I’ve come across some crafty blogs, some cooking blogs, some party planning blogs, some wedding planning blogs, some variety show blogs, some lifestyle blogs, some money saving tips blogs, some blogs where people SPEND lots of money….you name it, it’s out there!

And I love it.

All these blogs inspire me whether or not they parallel my own life.

They enable me to dream, reach, think, create, cry and strive.

I’ve seen LOTS and LOTS of frayed rosettes lately and there are oodles of tutorials out there….so I found one that I thought I could master and went to town {but not before going to Wal-mart for a glue gun!}.

This is the tutorial I followed.

Um. So. So. So. So. Easy. And. Fun.

{except when you’re burning the $#!@ out of your fingertips!}

Last night I stayed up and made a dozen…

I love that they are imperfect and frayed….the way I feel most days!

I’m looking forward to making LOTS for Christmas gifts ~ bigger ones, smaller ones, ones with a little button in the middle. They’ll be hot-glued and pinned to anything and everything ~ shoes, handbags, tanks, lampshades!

Look out Chewy Lemonheads….there’s a new addiction in town!

Happy Friday!