A True Flip Flop Folly

This morning as we were walking to school, my {most worn} pair of black Havs broke.

Just like that.

We were about 2 minutes into the stroll and boom…the little between-the-toe part gave way and snapped in two.

I was bummed…we turned around and walked home, carrying the retired right foot flop.

Why couldn’t it have been my $1 pair from Old Navy?

Anywhoo, Elliott suggested we drive so we wouldn’t be late as a result of my faulty flip flop {She is SO my daughter! All my “C’mon, let’s go! We’re going to be late!” panics must have sunken in}.

R.I.P old black ones.


We survived our first t-ball practice last night.

So cute….

{warming up}

{batter up}

{learning to field the ball}

Great team with nice parents. Should be an awesome season…

Go Orioles!


Looking forward to a busy weekend.

Friday afternoon playdate. Dance class. Souplantation for din din. Mad Hatter Tea Birthday Party tomorrow. Errands. Jay’s doing a {fun} 5K {I should be doing it, too!}. Picnic at the lake on Sunday afternoon.


This morning I got rid of more crap and did my S.V.S. {sweep, vacuum, swiffer} and if I missed anything, too bad! It’ll still be there on Wednesday when I do it again to get ready for Lolo, Lola & Gramma K’s arrival for Easter.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny will be picking up a few things this weekend! He just did the math and realized that baskets need to be filled in almost a week!

What does the E.B. stick in your baskets?


Happy Friday!

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